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Descriptive Essay about Person Writing Guidance

Basic points of descriptive essay writing

Descriptive essay writing is one of the most common and important assignments. This simple (at first glance) assignment is the best way to develop writing, presentation and evaluation skills that is why this task is extremely popular in high schools and colleges.

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The main purpose of descriptive essay about person is to describe someone in such a way that the reader can feel as if he or she could see this person in a waking life. Outstanding descriptive essays hit the spot of this assignment not through facts and statistical data but by using detailed observations and descriptions.

When you have written your descriptive essay it is necessary to review it and make sure that your piece of writing provides clear answers the following questions: who, what, where, how and when. Take into consideration that successful descriptive essay about person teases out not the biological facts but personal experience.

Do you know how to write descriptive essays about person?

Despite the fact that descriptive essay is considered to be quite easy, a lot of students become deadlocked when it comes to writing process. It is essential to choose the most significative features of the person that are interesting to you and your audience. Review these ways of description in order to write successful essay about somebody:

  • Context of achievements. In this case it is necessary to describe certain event and the role of particular person in this event
  • Distinctive characteristics of the person. Here you should depict all features of character of the following person. Is necessary to evaluate these features and include the description of both positive and negative characteristics.
  • Informative context. When you choose this way of describing particular person, you have to depict the most interesting and essential biographical details of his or her life.

Descriptive essay writing has its own requirements that you should take into consideration when accomplishing this assignment. Bring into notice these writing tips that can help you to get a clear notion of how well-written essay should look like

  • The topic for descriptive essay about person should be catching and interesting.
  • You should choose the most appropriate type of the essay. Narrative essay is the best way to create the whole picture of person’s life and character. Informative essay can be in handy when you are going to use pictures and photos in your essay.
  • Review all information you have concerning this person and choose the most catching and essential.
  • Create a list of characteristics of the particular person and think over the best way of its description.
  • Bring into notice that it is unacceptable to write long introduction and lengthy descriptions. Also make sure that your essay is not a simple recollection of achievements and characteristics of the person.
  • Write an outline of your essay that includes your thesis statement and a numbered list detailing the order of the experiences and descriptive elements that you will weave into the essay.

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