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A college Application Essay may break or shape your dream. By the last year in high school, most students have already decided the college(s) they would love to attend. However, the primary obstacle to going to the university of your choice is your application letter. So why risk rejection when you can buy application essay that guarantees you chances of success.

Great Importance of the Application Essay

Just like a resume, an application letter is the first contact you will have with the admissions board. As such, it serves as your voice to the panel. An application letter gives you an opportunity to let your personality and motivations shine on paper. Given most students are applying, you may have only a few minutes to impress and win the heart of the admissions board members.

Some college application essay tips to help you in preparation:

  1. Be Informed

By now, you already know the college you want. But, does the college know you? No, and this is why you need to do background research. Find out more from alumni, and mentors. Above all know yourself. What motivates you? What are you passionate about? What problem do you want to solve? As you answer these questions in the college application essay, try and relate them to the reasons you would love to go to the institution.

  1. Consult

Throughout your journey in school and life, there are people- family, counselors, and friends- who have held your hands. These people may be of great help during the college application essay writing process. Talk to them about your goals, and missions. Also, ask them to help you in evaluating your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Brainstorm

If you have kept a memo throughout your schooling this step may seem easy. If you have not, this is a time to thin and reminisce all the honors, awards and activities that may be significant when writing a college application essay. Feel free to make a list highlighting the most valuable activities.

Do You Still Ask Yourself How to Write an Application Essay

Writing a college application essay or even a scholarship application essay may seem like a complex or impossible task. Nevertheless, the nature of the task does not matter as much as the end result.  Here is a guide on how to write college application essay that makes you stand out.

  • Be Yourself

Nothing beats authenticity in anything. The admissions officers are always on the lookout for people who are unique and valuable to the institution. With the few words, you can be as real as possible and let your personality and creativity reflect. The popular misconception is that you have to be charming, generous, witty, hardworking and the list is endless. By trying to fit in with this belief, students often water down their personalities. In the end, your application letter is almost the same as another. Also remember, extremes such as entitlement, arrogance, selfishness may lock you out of the college of your dream.

  • Pay Attention to the Message

Even as you try to pass your message, make it memorable and to the point. When the application letter is simple, the reader can relate. On the other hand, if it is surprising, it will stick in the reader’s mind. Therefore, make an extra effort to pass a message that shows a deeper purpose.

  • Highlight Your Strengths in the application essay

Your strengths show your values. In the college application letter share your talents, personal experiences, and habits that are part of your identity. Mention that one thing that keeps you going through the days and nights as well as the cause you are passionate about. Also, remember to state why you believe in that cause.

  • Show your skills

State instances where you used certain skills (problem-solving, leadership, quick thinking, interpersonal or any other). The college is looking for a holistic individual who can inspire classmates, build communities and help solve challenges facing the world.

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Your application letter tells your story to others. There is no better way to narrate than to give a perfect account devoid of mistakes. A university can turn down your application because of grammatical errors or poor quality. For this reason, college application essay help is necessary. You might also want to buy if you’ve gone through our how to write an application essay guide but don’t feel up to the task.

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