Impeccably Written Art Essay Topics- Learn More Regarding Essay About Art

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3 Types of Art Essay Examples

Many students find it difficult to understand what is art essay really about. In a nutshell, these are essays that generally revolve around art fields. Art is a subject that is elaborate and has so many topics that you can always choose from. The most important thing about writing art essays is to choose the most appropriate essay topic and ensure you explain it extensively in your write-up especially when you are writing an art analysis essay. The following are art essay examples that art students are always required to write about at some point in their coursework so as to really appreciate the importance of art essay.

  • Argumentative essay: This is an essay belongs to a genre of writing where the learners are required to investigate on a specific topic, collect, generate, and evaluate data and concisely establish a position on the given topic.
  • Persuasive essay: This type of essay is also known as an argument essay that uses logic and reason to prove that a certain idea is more credible than the other. The essay is ideally meant to persuade the reader to take a certain action or adopt a particular point of view.
  • Narrative essay: These are essays that are told from an established point of view mostly by the authors. There is always a feeling, specific and sensory details provided so as to involve the reader in the sequence and elements of the story.

The Standard Art Essay Structure

The essay topic in question usually determines the type of structure to be used. However, the following is the standard structure of an art essay.

  • Introduction: This is where the art and the artist are identified. The artistic world is wide, as it could be architecture, sculptures, performing art or even paintings in it. It is the section where one says why they chose the topic and it also presents a brief detail on the art. The thesis statement is also stated in this section.
  • The body: The essay’s main part is the body. It is where one derives analysis based on their point of view. Be sure to describe why the art interests you. For uniqueness, your defense has to cover an angle that has not been covered already.
  • Conclusion: Here you have to state your opinion. For one to write a proper conclusion, they have to carry out a lot of research on the background of the artist and the art. This is the reason why one must cite the sources and references of the information.

The above-mentioned sections must always be there in any art essay structure for you to score desirable grades for your articles.

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