Case Study Writing Assistance and Tips

Case study writing requires investigating, analyzing and structuring a comprehensive report that reveals key aspects of a certain event or problem. If you have been assigned to create an analytical research, you need to examine and understand the problem and its reasons. When using a problem-oriented method, you also need to raise questions and present possible solutions to the problems described.

Writing a case study might be difficult since this task requires an in-depth understanding of a theoretical background, which needs to be related to a practical situation. Also, case studies should be properly structured. They are different from traditional essays that are built in a basic introduction-body-conclusion structure. Your research should include eight and present findings, discussion, and conclusions in a proper form. Each chapter has to pose a certain problem and provide clear and distinct answers.

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How to write successful case studies?

Here is a small guide on how to write a case study and what to include in your project:

Executive summary

  • Define the main purpose of your research
  • Give a brief description of the field of research
  • List the problems and findings briefly
  • State the theory you are going to use.


  • State and analyze the problems of a case study research. Support each point of your analysis with relevant facts and theoretical concepts. It is important to identify the underlying issues. For instance, you can link cross-cultural problems to unethical practices of the company you are analyzing. Remember that each problem should be discussed in a different sub-section.


  • Summarize the central problems
  • Provide possible solutions to the central problems and evaluate each point


  • Here a case study writer should sum up the main points made in previous sections


  • Choose one of the suggested solutions that should be accepted
  • Explain your choice
  • Write this section using persuasive voice


  • Suggest what exactly should be done and by whom


  • Make sure to provide a reference list with all sources used


  • Include any materials related to the research but which were not included in the previous sections

Subjects that require writing case studies

  • Business marketing
  • Financial law
  • Social psychology
  • Nursing, patient management and health education
  • Disease control and medical ethics
  • International media
  • Graphic design
  • etc.

All of these subjects are great for writing a case study. You may be asked to take a certain situation for example at a school or corporation, describe possible problems that may come up and provide a number of solutions to tackle them in the most effective way. In order to do this, you would need to collect and organize your data, conduct interviews with experts, answer the most typical questions and ensure a smooth development of your topic. The chain of all these tasks may seem daunting to an average child who has no experience in case study writing, therefore we offer you our services that will release your from stress and make sure that your professor is satisfied!

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