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Conflict is the eternal struggle of man versus nature, man versus society, man versus man or the most frequent; man versus self. Often a key component of most art and literature, conflict can be traced back to the enduring struggle between heaven and hell, good and evil. Many famous texts and films use conflict as their premise, with everything from Othello to The Lion King. Thus, what is a conflict? We can simply think of it as a disagreement or dispute between factions (whether internal or external, human or otherwise) which differ in their views, values, goals, needs or beliefs. Identifying the type of conflict is always a major step when writing a conflict essay. Since conflict is always intertwined with both the seen and the unseen and it is a highly emotional concept in most cases, many students struggle to execute these essays successfully. We provide expert writing services that have tackled the theory of conflict in its various forms, and our help can come in handy if you’re stuck with one of these essays.

Writing the Perfect Conflict Theory Essay

Conflict is a part of human nature. When writing a conflict theory essay, it is important to understand the psychology behind the dispute, since there is never a single cause of the conflict. Disagreements stem from the needs of one of the involved parties not being met. These needs may be physical or emotional. Daniel Katz, an American psychologist, proposes thematic causes of conflict, i.e., economic, ideological (value) or of power in nature. The first is brought about due to the scarcity of public resources, the second due to the contention of values or principles, while the third arises in a social setting where one group seeks undue influence over the majority. Disagreements over territory may also arise. Understanding the cause of the dispute is the first step in achieving peace. There are a wide variety of conflict essay ideas which you can get from our experts covering theorists such as Weber, Marx, and Dahrendorf.

We Provide Scintillating Conflict Essay Topics

There’s little limitation to what you can write about when it comes to your conflict essay. Your professor may require a paper on the history of human struggle, global wars, or you might even be required to discuss the effects of the human-nature conflict on the Great Barrier Reef. What is crucial is to understand the core of the conflict and what possible ways there are to solve it. A cultural conflict essay is a regular assignment for many students. This kind of conflict has several notable effects including armed revolt, genocide, stark political views, and segregation. Since all of us are hugely impacted by culture, you will find our topics of great use when it comes to working on this particular genre.

A family conflict essay is also popular in academia. Your professor may require you to elaborate on the major causes of such types of disagreement and the best ways to resolve them. Some of the possible causes or topics to think about on this subject include:

  • Financial turmoil.
  • Moving to a new state or city.
  • Transformation from baby to child to teenager to adulthood.
  • Mid-life crisis in parents and lack of a sensuality in marriages.

If you’re struggling to write a personal conflict essay, think of the causes of disagreements between two people and their remedies (counselor, mediator, etc.) It may also be an internal conflict within a person, i.e., what causes them to take certain detrimental actions or ethical decisions, their effects and how to resolve these.

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Conflict resolution is a vast topic and usually takes a dedicated effort to find the cause of the disagreement and facilitate a remedy that appeases all aggrieved parties. The method of resolution depends on whether the conflict is financial, political, marital, etc. The best essay on conflict resolution will identify the context and setting of the dispute, the participants, the timing, its nature, and effects. There are different methods of resolution, and your arguments should justify these. In fact, we have worked on humor is the best way to resolve conflicts essay, which proposes the idea that disputants can find common ground through laughter and a net positive effect can be created on the road towards resolution.

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