A well structured essay format is the foundation of a good essay

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Have you given a moment’s thought to what it would be like to work on an essay that has no basic format? It would be sheer disaster to say the least! Ever since we started associating with students of various academic levels, we try to pass on tips about the basic essay format, so that writing becomes a manageable task. For any student, it is, therefore, necessary to have formatting of an essay as their first lesson in academic writing. Learn more about an essay format and ensure that your marks move skywards.

Here are some tips about formatting

  • The basic essay format – this is something that most of us have learnt in school. However, it is necessary to understand that this basic format can slightly change depending on the subject matter. If you are keen on knowing more about the basics, it would be good to take a look at our samples.
  • The introduction is the first part of the essay format that you need to master. It is here that you begin the job of informing the reader of your intentions. You explain to the reader what you are going to focus on, how you are going to do it and what you intend to find out at the end. Without this intro, the essay format is virtually headless so make sure you intro is strong and eye-catching.
  • The thesis statement is the core of the introduction. It is a very important part of the essay and every essay format has this statement as its focal point. Once you have a well worded thesis statement, you have succeeded in placing your best foot forward. With this successful initial step, you can ensure that the rest of the essay format follows suit.
  • When you begin working on the body of the essay, remember all the important arguments, data and other relevant info that you want to bring in. This part needs to be logically presented. If you have supporting points, arrange them in order of importance beginning with the most important one. Bring examples, anecdotes and statistical info into this part of the essay format so that you make a good impression.
  • Conclusion – you have now reached the last part of the essay writing procedure. It could be considered the part where you bring together all the salient points of your writing. In other words, you should tie up loose ends and ensure that the thesis statement or your essay question is in focus again. Without this your essay format is incomplete.

You could work on an essay format that has three main paragraphs – the intro, the body and the conclusion. The other variation would be the five paragraph format. Here, the body of the essay is divided into three paragraphs wherein each one focuses on a separate supporting point. The intro and conclusion are the first and the fifth paragraph respectively.

The next time you have doubts about an essay format, get in touch with us or go through our sample essays. We would be glad to clear any doubts you may have on the same.