Tackling the Gambling Essay| Which Issues to Address with a Gambling Addiction Essay

Among the most contentious and emergent topics affecting people and economies all over the world is gambling. In truth, this isn’t a recent phenomenon. Folks have been playing for stakes for thousands of years, with evidence in the form of keno slips from ancient China, and the use of the dice by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. However, it is only in the last century that much attention has been paid to this wagering of some form of money in return for a profitable-yet-unknown outcome. In the US, sports gambling is expected to be legalized in 32 states by 2023, although this effort has run into headwinds due to the ruling by the Supreme Court that the PASPA Act supporting this initiative is unconstitutional. Gambling is, therefore, a major subject of debate in all modern societies, affected by not only culture but also by laws and religion.

Producing a superb gambling essay may be difficult because this subject is both intriguing and diverse, affected by the social-economic climate around it. That’s why we provide expert help on this particular subject, with excellent writing help, downloadable expert samples, and winning tips and tricks.

An Effective Approach to Gambling Essay Writing

As succinctly defined, gambling involves wagering something of value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the intent of winning something of greater value. Gambling essay writing entirely depends on what issue needs to be addressed, and there is no shortage of topics to write about. For example, you could be asked to mention different forms of gambling in specific ancient societies and also in modern times. Likewise, you may also be tasked with an argumentative gambling addiction essay. Some proponents believe that gambling, like alcohol, marijuana or cigarettes, can be partaken of in healthy doses which aren’t detrimental to the subject. Others feel that completely making it illegal would eliminate any chance of this ‘vice’ spreading in the first place. Thus, you as the essayist would have to strongly defend your position with concise arguments, solid research, and indisputable facts. Problems of gambling essay would delve deeper into the associated effects of this activity. Apart from the expected revenues from taxable gambling, what are the greater societal ramifications? An expert writer from our team can deliver on such essays superbly.

Use These Gambling Essay Ideas for Your Motivation

Gambling is a wide, dynamic and an emergent topic. Even developed countries are still grappling with how to control this activity so that states benefit from it in terms of taxes, and so that individuals and their families are not destroyed by it. The question of whether or not to gamble sits on the borderline of logic and morality, since individuals wager that which belongs to them. It is also reported that only about 3-5% of regular gamblers are problem gamblers and less than 1% are addicts. Does this figure justify the complete illegalization of this activity? What effects of gambling validate its complete banning and are there possible countermeasures to ensure that family and society can co-exist harmoniously with these activities?

Since gambling is such a wide topic, there are numerous gambling essay ideas which our writers have personally worked on, and which we have produced topics about. These include:

  • The emergence of online gambling and sports betting and how to regulate them.
  • What should be the legal age for gambling?
  • Is gambling addiction more compulsive and dependent on the individual?
  • Gambling effects on the local economy: A case study of Las Vegas.
  • Why do some people have more success rates in gambling?

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Many businesses, promoters and corporate entities are working around legal restrictions to not only conduct but also promote gambling. These legal loopholes allow these entities to exist and pay lower taxes on their revenues. For example, in many countries, fantasy sports betting doesn’t qualify as gambling, yet it has the same effects. These activities are actually promoted in online, audio-visual and print media with no repercussions. We’ve produced several papers in a gambling loophole essay contest seeking to address how these loopholes arise and how these should be dealt with.

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