Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics: Choosing Interesting Topics to Write an Essay About

Writing an essay is always a dreaded task among students. Many cringe at the idea of penning interesting persuasive essay topics. This is because writing a good essay takes a lot of planning time and time is something very few students have in abundance. Finding a way to draft an intriguing essay within the shortest time possible will increase your chances of delivering interesting essays without spending too much time at it.

In this guide, we are going to address the different tricks you can use to turn out a great essay in record time. We will address everything from the art of picking interesting topics to write an essay about to quick pointers on how to research and structure your essay for the great finish.

Picking From a List of Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics

Even though most tutors give students a fixed topic to work on, sometimes you might be free to choose a topic from a list of interesting argumentative essay topics. You could do little if your tutor gave you a definite topic. Your best option would be choosing between doing a general overview of the topic or exploring a micro niche within the topic. It all boils down to the leeway the topic gives to you.

If you didn’t receive a specific topic, then you are free to settle on something you are familiar with. However, you first have to decide what your essay will be about. Is it going to be a persuasive essay or an informative essay? Knowing the approach, you have to take will help you choose a topic that won’t limit your presentation in any way.

Interesting research essay topics on a contentious issue might be perfect candidates for a persuasive essay while an evaluation of facts could form the right basis for an informative or narrative essay.

  • If you want to persuade, go for a topic you are passionate about. You will write a better persuasive essay if you believe in what you are saying
  • If you want to educate, go for a topic that you have thoroughly studied and will be comfortable exploring in depth

How to Write an Interesting Essay – Outlining Your Ideas

The next step in our how to write an interesting essay guide focuses on preparing for your essay. Outlining your essay is important because it lets you organize your thoughts and give you a chance to extend your knowledge before starting to write.

While laying down a plan might seem like wasting time, the outline will give you a chance to capture all the main ideas, organize them and even give you the chance to do further research before you start the actual writing.

In most cases, you will find the writer better if you already have the whole essay thought out as opposed to making up things as you go.

Your Introduction Sets the Pace for the Rest of the Paper

Interesting essay introductions are not only captivating to the reader but also inspiring to the writer. Taking the time to write a good thesis statement and a clear introduction will give you a sense of purpose and naturally inspire you to write a better essay.

Another approach to writing good introductions to your interesting essay topics for university students is by first writing the essay body and developing your thesis before going back to the introduction. This approach believes that once you are done writing the paper, you can write an accurate introduction that is not only attention-grabbing but also doesn’t mislead the reader.

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