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A literature review is a thorough investigation and reporting of findings of a particular topic of study or area of interest from current and relevant studies.  Typically, it summarizes the work of other theorists about your subject area by providing a thorough comparison of previous studies. It can be part of a course study, such as completing a research project, or it can be a standalone literary analysis of journal articles and books. The objective is always is to explore what is already known about a topic and the potential gaps in knowledge that would warrant further research.

Whether the literature review is part of your dissertation or a stand-alone assignment, it is often not a ‘walk in the park’ and tends to be time-consuming. Writing such a paper begins with identifying the area of research, to narrow down the work, you will investigate and focus on a specific area to do your writing. The next step is to choose sources relevant to your topic. The process of researching relevant texts to write about, ensuring your ideas flow naturally, and proper referencing of all sources is a painstaking task that could take you at least a few days.

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Our writers provide the utmost expert help for all literature review types.

Systematic literature reviews entail the identification, critical analysis, and synthesis of multiple sources in a methodological manner which provides a complete summary of current work about the topic of study.

The traditional or narrative review entails a broad outlook of a particular area of interest without any distinct methodological approach that summarizes findings from a theoretical or contextual point of view.

A meta-analysis which is the summary of quantitative systematic literature reviews using statistical methods.

A meta-synthesis encompasses the integration of results from several related qualitative studies using an interpretive approach.

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