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Myths are all around us, found in every culture, tradition, and religion. Whether these symbolic narratives are true or not is debatable, and to a large extent comes down to the views of the beholder. Their underlying quality is the fact that they attempt to make sense of the origins of existence, of human behavior, and of natural phenomena. Some of these accounts are held sacred, while others are more philosophical, connecting aspects of both theology and science. Myths serve as a reflection of eras gone by; of the customs, beliefs and societal fabrics that are seamed across generations spanning centuries and millennia. Creation myths are among the most popular of this genre. They are both retrospective and futuristic, and address past, present and future societies in many cases. As a student, you might be an amateur in the subject of mythology. All the characters from Greek, Norse or even Mayan civilizations may be too much for you to digest. A custom writer from us will help you deliver a superb creation myth essay, whether from fantasy or documented sources.

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Greek history is a rich canvas of mythological subjects, with everything from humanoids, gods, deities, titans and mythical creatures such as the Centaurs and Athos. The polytheistic nature of the Greeks means that there is a wide array of characters that you need to read on and study, including what they possibly represented to the societies of the time. Their ancient traditions and beliefs were passed down through these stories and even became a grand part of the Hellenistic culture as we know it today. Greek mythology has taken on a life of its own, and your research will bring you into new spheres that might take too much time to research effectively. That’s where we come in. We provide you with Greek mythology essay topics which serve as great fodder for your writing, or if you want to learn everything about Greek culture including festivals, rituals, architecture, etc. You can also view a sample of our Andromeda Greek mythology essay. This legend of the beautiful Ethiopic princess who is chained to a rock waiting to be devoured by a sea monster is but one of the hundreds of the myths that our writers have covered on ancient Greek mythology.

Myth Essays Ideas Across a Diverse Array of Cultures

We’ve all come across hero stories from various cultures. Movies have made the visualization seemingly more vivid from a modern lens. Yet, have you ever stopped to see the correlation between these different stories and how they affect our own 21st century narratives? A monomyth essay describes the typical stages of a hero’s journey and transcends ancient stories into modern literature and cinema. Some of the most well-known stories that we know today draw from the ancient hero archetype, with stages such as the call to adventure, meeting with the mentor, crossing thresholds, the ordeal and returning with the reward, etc. Themes such as gender equality and the fight of a woman against backward ideologies all draw from this hero narrative. Our myth essay examples cover the importance of these various stages of the hero’s journey and will help you develop your storytelling skills in your literature class. Myth essays ideas that you can use for your motivation include subjects such as the origin of lightning and thunder, why the sun rises and sets, darkness and light, ancient creatures, etc.

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Virtually every community around the world has some sort of myth or folklore associated with its culture. When writing these essays, you have to be well-versed with what these traditions are and seek to understand why these influences came to be. The sun and the general cosmos are among the most referred and revered phenomena in ancient mythology. We have plenty of fake sun myth essays covering topics from Apollo, Icarus, Ra, and theories of creation by an Almighty deity in various religions. Our expert writers have worked on countless pieces in the myth genre. With our prowess and tips, you’ll learn how to elaborate on themes, create an outline, do thorough sourcing and incorporating historical references, etc.

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