Narrative Essay

Narrative Essays As A Great Chance To Show Your Writing Abilities

Narrative written pieces are one of the most creative types of essays. Here one can dwell upon practically everything in his life. It is here, where the writing talent protrudes the most. But writing a narrative piece is not that easy as it might seem. There are a number of pitfalls, which one should take into consideration in order to succeed in this type of an academic writing.

The essence of narrative writing

Basically, narrative essay is more of the report, then of an essay itself.

When someone writes narrative pieces, he tells a story based on his life experience. Most narrative essays are subjective in their nature and are written in a first person singular. That makes the essay to be a story, which deals with personal views, opinions and feeling of the author. However, third person singular can also be used in rare cases.

Naturally, any narrative essay relies upon precise and exact details to prove its point. Every detail should make a powerful and impressive effect on the reader, make him captivated and thrilled. Here you can use a number of stylistic devices, such as simile, hyperbole, metonymy, repetition, etc.

Moreover, each narrative piece of writing should suggest particular logical parts, such as introduction, main body and conclusion. Main body can also contain a culmination – pinnacle moment of your narrative piece, which conveniently leads readers to a conclusion.

All in all, let us summarize main key-points of a descent narrative piece of writing. They are the following:

  • must be written subjectively
  • suggests and supports a particular point of view or idea
  • is usually full of various details and personal feelings
  • introduces vivid verbs and original word-combinations
  • essence is a conflict or a serious and contradictory life situation
  • sometimes features various dialogues or direct speech

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