Racism Essay Topics

Racism is a pertinent issue that every scholar has to handle at one point or another. If you are lucky, you will do this during a discussion or an informal speech. Most have to present a graded essay on racism that contributes to their overall class scores.

If it comes down to this, you have to choose a good topic that lets you voice your opinions and gain approval from your tutor and peers.

However, coming up with a good topic isn’t easy– especially if you are on a tight schedule. In this piece, we are going to give you the tips and tricks we use to come up with excellent racism paper topics and give you some titles or ideas you can use in your next paper.

A Quick Guide on How to Select the Best Racism Essay Topic

Choosing a good topic is simple if you know what to look for. Here are some tricks to help you come up with unique and time-relevant topics for your racism assignment.

Look at Current Events

Read the news and find out any prominent events related to racism and come up with a topic addressing their outcome or your opinion of the event.

Address How Racism Affects People in Your Society

Look into your society or community’s history, find out the most discussed forms or effects of racism, and come up with a topic addressing these.

Choose Topics that Distance You from Controversy

While it is a scholar’s responsibility to handle even the most controversial topics, you have to stick to topics that shield you from potential backlash. For instance, it is safer to evaluate other famous people if you believe that your stand on racism might be unpopular.

A List of Racism Essay Topics You Can Write On

While knowing how to choose a topic might come in handy if you have the time, it won’t be of much help if you want to start writing right away to beat the deadline. If you are short of time, here is a list of some interesting racism topics you can handle if you don’t have the time to come up with your own.

  1. Different forms of racism in the modern-day society
  2. A look at racism and discrimination in the workplace
  3. What can we do to curb racism in our schools?
  4. How is the media unknowingly promoting racism in the modern-day society?
  5. The role of the media in fighting racism and racial profiling
  6. How racism affects people of color in the modeling and advertising industry?
  7. The effects of racism in economic development or the minority in a society
  8. How to deal with race-driven violence without creating more hatred or stigma?
  9. Racism in Hollywood movies
  10. The effects of racism on human rights as portrayed in the movie Django
  11. Should racism drive novels like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain still be allowed in school programs?
  12. Was Martin Luther King Jr. racist?
  13. The relationship between racism and black people poverty in the 21st century
  14. The background of the Black Power Movement, its ideologies, history, and leaders
  15. How did racial prejudice affect black soldiers who enlisted to fight World War II?
  16. Education and career barriers caused by racism
  17. The effects of racism in the formation of the English language
  18. Racial discrimination in Hollywood and the Oscars boycott
  19. Ways to decrease racism in our schools
  20. The use of racist threats and innuendos in commercials
  21. Effects of racism in the sports industry
  22. How racists and racism are portrayed in American culture?
  23. Effects of social media on the fight against racism
  24. How to deal with racism at the workplace?
  25. Effects of racism in international trade and cooperation
  26. Different types of racial biases and their impact on our society
  27. The relationship between racism and police brutality in America
  28. Is racism horrible?
  29. How to stop racism and race-driven ideas from trickling over to the next generation?
  30. Different forms of racism that exist in Latin America

Top Racism Essay Questions

Raising questions is one of the best ways to stimulate discourse on contentious topics. This means that basing your racism paper on a question gives you the flexibility you need to address critical issues in society without making your essay sound imposing.

Moreover, questions are a great idea if you will have to present part of your essay to an audience as they are more involving than regular topics. You can base your essay on these questions:

  1. Does fear drive racism?
  2. What countries are the most racist in the world?
  3. Can you justify racism at times?
  4. Can individuals affect the fight against racism?
  5. Does religion cause racism?
  6. Does Islamophobia qualify as racism?
  7. Will we ever purge the world of racism?
  8. Is racism connected to hatred based crime?
  9. What are the different kinds of racism?
  10. Are we all inherently racists?

Some Racism Essay Ideas You Can Explore

Learning institutions are known to frown upon plagiarism. Additionally, an increasing number of tutors are showing resentment towards unoriginal essays or discourses centered about generic topics. You can avoid this by creating a unique topic from an existing idea. Here are some ideas you can use to come up with topics:

  1. Effects of cyberbullying on racism
  2. Do Americans benefit from racism?
  3. What punishment best befits racist leaders?
  4. Education as a tool to eradicate racism
  5. Does the world need racism?

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