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With a team, over 1200 strong writers, for whom English is a native language, we are well equipped to handle your college research document. Currently, about 961 members in our team posses a master degree a further 184 of them are pursuing their doctorate degree. 58 of the already currently posses a Ph.D.

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In recognising our need to be nimble and flexible especially as regards our response to user generated events like placing an order, for example, all our service offerings are available via our online channels at the click of a button.

We offer our clients a very fast response time from initial order to work completion typically 3-24 hours for essays, 24-48 hours for an analytical paper, and generally 5-7 days for a dissertation.

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There will be a message board available to you to make observations, express concerns, and request corrections on your ongoing and just completed order making sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed at all times.

We have also simplified the sign-up process as details required as part of your first order facilitation would be used to automatically register you unto our service avoiding a lengthy and protracted registration process that could be a huge turn off for clients.

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As we have alluded earlier, our base of qualified professionals has availed us the opportunity to offer our clients the choice of selecting a team member of their choice from our pool. However, we are quick to stress that all members of our platform are highly qualified and are experts in their respective fields so you are guaranteed that whichever writer be your choice, they are well capable and would definitely deliver for you a quality research document.

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A great deal of care goes into our selection process for team members on our platform as the quality of writings we put out, and the full satisfaction of our clients is very important to us. Our members go through a very thorough selection process where real life writing scenarios are simulated, and their performance vis-a-vis the simulation evaluated before their eventual selection. Academic background and work experiences also form part of the criteria for acceptance onto our platform.

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