Argumentative Essay Topics

Handling an argumentative essay topic impressively

Argumentative essays are different from other types of essays in its nature and methods of presentation. The topic and thesis of an argumentative essay would also be different from normal essay topics. Having an idea of the specifications of argumentative essay topics is important, while writing argumentative essays, as the topic is the core of an essay. Unlike analytical essays, not all topics work for argumentative essays. You will need to find an argumentative topic itself to prepare an argumentative essay. And to be able to identify an argumentative essay topic, you will need to know what sets it apart from the other topics.

Identifying an argumentative topic

Argumentative Essay Topics  Usually, in essay papers, you are only expected to present information on the topic. But argumentative essays argue to justify the view or opinion stated in the thesis. There are numerous topics which can be used for argumentative essays. But it would be ideal to go for one that is familiar enough to you as you need extensive knowledge of a topic to be able to effectively argue about it.

Some argumentative topic samples

A topic which has two or more contradictory factors qualifies as argumentative topics. You can choose any one of the existing arguments on that topic and write your essay with the purpose of proving it. What matters is that the argument you present has a counter argument or has the potential to generate a counter argument. The points you present must also be strong enough to support your stance. Some examples of argumentative essay topics are:

•Euthanasia: You can either argue that Euthanasia, or mercy killing, should be legalized, in exceptional circumstances or that Euthanasia should be banned. Explain your stance. For example, if you are arguing that Euthanasia should be legalized, explain under which all circumstances it should be allowed and why you consider it justified. Study the existing laws regarding the topic before preparing your essay.

• Domestic violence: A good argument on the topic is as to whether women play a major role in the rising number of domestic violence cases or if  men are solely responsible for it. Some believe that women are promoting it by keeping quiet about their sufferings and refusing to leave their spouses who inflict physical violence upon them. There are also those who believe that men are solely responsible for it. You can choose any of the sides of this argument and prove your point by justifying your view.

•Shakespeare’s sonnets: One of the highly interesting arguments that has been placed about Shakespeare is the one regarding his sonnets. Some argue that Shakespeare’s collection of sonnets is autobiographical in nature and that he himself was once in love with the woman portrayed in the work. They also argue that he maintained a homosexual relation with the young man whom he addresses in the sonnets. There is also another side to the argument which goes to state that Shakespeare’s sonnets are not autobiographical and that the characters portrayed are purely fictional.

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