College Essay Topics

Identifying a good college essay topic

While seeking admission to a college level course, you will be required to submit an essay to help the authorities understand you better. In most cases, the essay plays a big role in the final decision of the authorities, regarding the admission. There are various aspects which form the criteria of the evaluation of college essays. Hence it is necessary for you to have a clear idea of what is expected of you and how you can manage to put together an impressive college admission essay. Everything, starting from the choice of your college essay topic, must be done carefully and with due consideration to the relevant aspects.

The important elements of college admission essays

College Essay TopicsCollege essays don’t always come with the same type of clauses or prompts. Understanding what the specifications of your essay are and why it is set that way would help you a lot in choosing a suitable topic for the college essay and in preparing a good essay. There are many aspects to be considered while picking a topic for a college essay.

1. Does the topic reflect your strengths and hide your shortcomings? That is what an ideal college essay topic must be able to accomplish.

2. Do you have a good thesis on the topic to focus on? Without a strong focus, you will not be able to present your essay well.

3. Will the topic you choose fulfill the objective of the essay? The main objective of the essay would be to present yourself as a prospective candidate.

4. Does it fit into the guidelines or essay prompts? If it doesn’t, it might get rejected.

5. Is it one which you can comfortably handle within the given deadline? No submissions are normally entertained after the deadline.

6. Are you familiar enough with the topic to present it in such a way as to represent yourself? The topic you choose for your college essay would be used to evaluate your views and beliefs.

7. Does it complement the course you are applying for? There is no point in displaying your skills in a subject which is not relevant to the application.

8. Are you familiar enough with the topic to deal with it impressively? If you are ignorant about the topic, it would clearly reflect in your essay.

It is not about choosing any one of the college essay topics which appeals to you; it is about picking the right one for you. If you manage to spot a suitable topic, the whole exercise of preparing the essay would prove much easier and more enjoyable for you.

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