Comparative Essay Topics

Some good comparative essay topic examples

Comparative essays assess two or more topics based on comparison. The technique of comparison has proved to be one of the most effective ones for analyzing the characteristics of a topic. For that reason, comparative essays are quite common in academia. The objective of the assignment is to put together a theory, using comparative assessment methods, about the topics. The theory which would be the thesis of your essay will be the conclusion you reach about the topics. You can write comparative essays on almost any topic as long as you know the specific requirements of comparative essay topics.

Choosing comparative topics

comparative essay topicsIt is common knowledge that only similar things can be compared. The same applies to comparison essay topics also. Two topics with a common property (or properties) which vary in measure or kind must be chosen for comparison projects. The common features are necessary to qualify them as comparable against each other. You will find numerous topics which can be used for comparative assignments in all subjects. But remember that you will need to get yourself familiar with both the topics before attempting to compare them. It is always advisable to go for topics which are not completely new to you. Good comparative essay topic samples might help you understand the concept better.

Samples of comparative topics

You might find it a bit confusing in the beginning to identify topics which can be compared against each other. But once you understand the basics of comparison, which might take some time and a few comparison assignments, you will find that comparative essays are, after all, quite interesting to work on. While choosing comparative essay topics, you just need to remember that the topics you choose must have something in common; yet it must not be the same. Listed below are some examples of topics which can be used for comparison projects.

1. Compare two poets of the Elizabethan era – Here, the era will form the comparison principle or the common factor which will work as the platform for comparison. Also, note that you are comparing two ‘poets’. Both your topics here would share more than one common feature and thus qualify as good comparative topics.

2. Compare the fashion trends among teenagers of North India and South India – Here the common factors are ‘teenagers’ and ‘India’. You are comparing the fashion trends only among teenagers and that too, only those from India. These will work as comparison principles and give you a strong comparison platform.

Getting expert assistance

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