Personal Essay Format

Important points to note about the personal essay format

All students are expected to be familiar with personal essays as they would be writing many of them during the span of their education. Personal essays can, in no way, be termed as difficult yet there are many who fail to understand the concept of personal essay writing. Even though the personal essay format is liberal enough, it is important that you know how to add life to your essay and make it interesting and impressive.

The nature of personal essays

Personal essays are highly self-expressive. Whatever you put into the personal essay would be used to judge you as a person. Hence, you must aim at showcasing your interests and skills while writing your personal essay. Even though you won’t be given a specific personal essay format, the essay must be structured in a way that can hold the interest of the audience from the beginning till the end. The liberal writing style of a personal essay is owing to the fact that it is narrative in nature. And you can use that liberty to your advantage if you are clear about what you wish to convey through your essay.

The dos and don’ts of personal essay writing

Personal Essay Format  As in the case of any essay project, there are many rights and wrongs for personal essays also. By keeping those points in mind, you would be able to avoid creating the wrong impression. There are many factors which can add to the appeal of personal essays. There are also many which can ruin your essay completely. Let us take a look at some of those points.

Quote sources only where it is necessary

Considering that the main objective of a personal essay is to express yourself, it is important that the opinions expressed in the essay are predominantly yours. Quoting sources too often will convey the impression that you have no opinion of your own regarding the matter. That does not mean you have to omit sources altogether. Use them less frequently than how you do in other types of essays.

Identify the right points

Do not pick random points or incidents to include in your essay. Remember that every word of your personal essay would represent your character and self. Hence, every extra minute you spend in searching for the best points would be worth every bit of it. Choose instances which would clearly portray your merits and hide your shortcomings.

Avoid digressions

Narratives are highly prone to accidental digressions due to the liberal nature of the personal essay format. But you cannot afford any kind of digressions in a personal essay as it will take the focus away from you and leave the reader confused as to where the essay is heading.

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