Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Compare and Contrast Essay Sample    Before writing a comparative essay one must decide what to compare. Basically, anything may be compared. People, events, stocks and stones animate objects etc. The main purpose for making comparison is to extract some strong and weak sides of comparable objects and to make conclusions concerning some particular features. Before switching to compare and contrast essay samples let’s learn some basics. You can also find many more about essays online.

What to do before writing?

• decide what to compare;
• extract strengths and weaknesses of comparable objects;
• write down classification features;
• find what is similar and what is different in the objects to compare;
• summarize all of the above;
• make comparative structure;
• write down a whole essay plan.

Performing of listed above recommendations will guide you through your work and will certainly eliminate some general mistakes, one usually makes. Basically, it is going to serve you a kind of essay writing help especially with compare and contrast essay sample.

Before getting down to comparing, first of all, you need to decide by what means you are going to make your evaluation. Thereby, you must pick appropriate classification features. It (a feature) is a kind of grade which helps you to compare. If you will state that a banana is yellow and an orange is round, it will not do as a comparison. Meanwhile, if you say that a banana is yellow and an orange is orange, it will be the very that thing you are to point. In this case your classification features is color. At the same time, if you pick a classification features shape, you can normally state that an orange is round and a banana is oblong.

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What else to know?

Writing on compare and contrast essay sample, try to keep your own impartiality. Do not make needless statement. Here you do not need to argue. You are to compare. And a comparison may be considered reasonable only in case of an author’s fairness.

Here are some compare and contrast essay samples for your information:

1) Healthy Food VS Fast Food;

2) Censorship VS Free Speech;

3) Olives: Green VS Black;

4) Samsung VS Apple (Galaxy VS I-Phone);

5) E-book VS Paper Book.

Frankly, the list can continue indefinitely. There are so many things to compare that you cannot even imagine. It is all about a good selection of classification feature. You can even compare a dog with a stone if you want; just express the right feature and compare.

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