Sample Compare and Contrast Essay

Sample Compare and Contrast Essay

It takes a lot of time, skills and nerves to write a really good work. Making all necessary preparations and performance as such is not of very simple matters though there is nothing extra difficult as well. For now we will try to make it all easier and show you how to succeed. You are welcome to see our sample compare and contrast essay.

Once having gotten a task to write an essay students begin to worry and waste bits and pieces of their confidence for nothing. Soon after, leaving behind any possible hopes to perform on their own, students very often prefer to pay for paper and avoid writing and self-punishing. Of course, no one likes it. But everything is not that bad.

To show you how to do it right is the goal of what we write. Here and after we will do our best to teach you and improve your skills making it closely similar to those professional essay writers have. So, be attentive and try not to miss any single detail given below. We are proceeding to sample compare and contrast essays.

What is a compare and contrast essay?

Compare and contrast essays are ones in which you are supposed to select some objects and literally put them on scales. All further work for you will be about making a kind of a research looking for similarities, differences, advantages ad disadvantages.

To make a good research, you will have to find lots of information and pick only most significant details by which you will be able to compare and contrast your objects.

In order to make a good comparing, extracting strengths and weaknesses, it would better for you to decide on appropriate classification features – characteristics by which you will compare.

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Compare and contrast essay composition

As you know each essay consists of three main parts. They are well known and you do not have to examine essays online to tell that each essay includes: introduction, body and conclusions.

Considering our sample compare and contrast essay, it is essential to add that each section of an essay must reveal the plot specifically.


Composing introduction section of your work, you need to introduce what you are going to tell about. Smoothly and briefly describe the entire matter and explain why it is so important to discuss it and why it would be interesting for a reader. Remember that no one likes to waste time thus, try to provide reasonable descriptions that will be able to express the issue thoroughly.


If introduction serves as a lead-in, body part is responsible for revealing the core. First of all you need to get a reader acquainted with comparable objects and means by which you will make your evaluating. Then, dedicate one paragraph describing them. After all this, get down comparing and contrasting. Remember that the last paragraph of the body should lead a reader into conclusions.


Basically, conclusions refer to summary of everything written above them. Here, you need to express whether your expectations have been met or not and draw the line under the entire story.

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