How to Write Essays for Beginners

essaysSteps to Writing an Essay Like a Pro

To an inexperienced writer, formulating essays is usually a daunting task that needs to be done. How does one go about from a blank page to the perfect paper to hand in to the terror professor? Surely there are lots of complicated processes involved to take one from the empty sheet to ideas formulating to organizing and editing and finally wrapping up the entire piece.

For a beginner, writing an essay can be made simple by following these easy steps:

1. What part of the theme is most familiar to you?

Start with something already familiar. This may be difficult for essays that come in specifically-themed questions, such as those for classes in economics or politics. But it will still be possible to look for the part of the question that is the most familiar to the person. For example, for an assignment about political leaders, you can pick which area of leadership most appeals to you. Will it be presidential-inclined or some other are of expertise?

2. What more would you like to know about that particular subject?

Once the familiar part is picked, there will be questions that pop to your mind regarding it. At this point, some research may be necessary. The availability of resources on the Internet makes this step much easier but can also result in much clutter. It would be best for the researcher to screen the resources according to usability as early as possible.

3. Now that you have more information about the subject, what part would you like to emphasize?

A subject can be broken down to several headings, and when you find one that appeals to you, you can use it to be the central theme. For example, when writing about a presidential favorite, you can pick which aspect of his career you would like to zoom in on.

4. When you have picked the focus, what angles fall under the same category?

Remember, any theme can still have several sub-themes. This is where you get to organize the data gathered from your research. Put each description under the specific subtitle. If necessary, you can move them around to form a coherent whole. Taking our example of the piece about a president, you may choose to focus on the specific achievement of helping the poor, under which several initiatives may be listed out and described.

5. Once you get the thoughts organized, this will pretty much result in the first draft.

Next you will need to edit the grammar, spelling and readability of your work. If you can get help, you can ask someone else to do the editing for you. Or if you still have trouble getting your ideas in order, you can even acquire the help of essay writing services online. The custom essays offered on the Internet means you can still get your ideas across for someone else to compile and organize.

These simple steps should get you started on the right track for getting your essay up and running. Nobody will be the wiser that you are actually an amateur writer!