How to Choose Essay Topics To Impress Your Teacher

An essay is a small prosaic composition, expressing individual impressions and considerations on a particular occasion or issue and certainly not claiming a defining or exhaustive interpretation of the subject. The best essay topics should not initiate the presentation of only definitions of concepts; their purpose is to encourage reflection.

The choice of topics for essays can be based on some simple rules:

  • Choosing a topic, evaluate what knowledge and experience you already have on this or that topic. What authorial position could you express on the chosen topic?
  • When choosing essay topics, it’s better to focus on what is really interesting for you. The fact is that when preparing the paper, you will have to read a lot of literature on the topic, and it is better to prefer some field.
  • Start with the main idea or a bright phrase. The task is to immediately grab the attention of the reader (listener). Here, a comparative allegory is often used, when an unexpected fact or event is associated with the main theme of the essay.
  • Persuasive essay topics will be completely different than essays about personal experience or argumentative essay topics. Find keywords like “contrast,” “dwell on”, “synthesize,” and “match”. These words will help you determine what your teacher wants you to do in the essay.
  • When studying the potential topics for essay writings, pay attention to the availability of literary sources. In some cases, it is more logical first to try to find the necessary information in the sources, and then proceed to the design of thoughts in the form of an essay.

Requirements for English Essay Topics

  • Relevance. The relevance of the English essay topics speaks about the practical value of the chosen topic.
  • Practical value. The results of the research, which were conducted in the process of essay writing, should be useful to someone.
  • An intriguing plot. Intriguing essay ideas are of interest to you, as well as those, who will evaluate your project. The more you distract attention with an interesting story, the more chances to get a good rating in the end.
  • Uniqueness.

Take into account that the topic you have chosen does not repeat topics of other authors / colleagues.

Options for Topics in Essay Writing:


  • Topics, which support the position of a well-known scientist / researcher / author, expounding and analyzing it;
  • Writing topics, which use someone’s position to prove its insolvency. This is done by completely debunking one of scientists’, researchers’, authors’ postulates;
  • Topics, which form personal position, with which no one has ever spoken – this is aerobatics.