How to Ensure 100% Uniqueness in Essay Writing Samples

Every text in a book or on one of the Internet sites is unique, that is not written off from another source, but created by a separate author. This means that copyrights are not violated in any way, and conflicts of the parties are completely absent.

Uniqueness is the percentage of the material that does not coincide with other publications on the Internet to the borrowed one.

The quality of essay writing help is defined by the writers’ abilities to provide with essay writing samples free of plagiarism. One of the main tools of each writer’s work is a text verification program for uniqueness.

Checking Simple Essay for Plagiarism

The anti-plagiarism program is a technology for verifying text documents for the availability of borrowings from publicly available sources on the Internet on databases. The technology uses its own algorithms, which allow identifying plagiarism in student’s simple essay quite effectively.

The plagiarism program considers borrowed text as any text found on the Internet or in its own databases. After verifying the text, this program produces a report with a list of links, in which the borrowing was found.

Key Features

  • Verification modes;
  • Support for anti-captures;
  • Site verification – in this case the program downloads the text to the specified address;
  • Online check – the ability to analyze sample essay without installing any programs and without the risk of blocking IP by search engines (you can check only a few texts a day for free);
  • Paid rates, which allows conducting unlimited checks per day.

Several Rules for Students to Help Writing an Essay

  • To keep the text unique, you can quote famous people. The culture of scientific citation is developed in the process of preparing independent scientific work. Without quoting, the development of a scientific idea and the connection of scientific collectives cannot be shown;
  • Limit written off phrases in quotes, while indicating the literary source, from which they were borrowed. This is required by the rules of writing an essay.
  • The so-called synonym programs are a good assistant in increasing the originality of the text, which help writing an essay. They are paid and free, they allow selecting high-quality synonyms.

When ordering an essay help online, indicate the required level of originality of work, if your university checks the text for uniqueness. Find out what program is being tested. Methods for checking the programs are different. The final percentage of originality when tested on different programs may differ.