How to Write an APA Style Essay

A college student who is working on the APA style college essay is supposed to use the APA format rules and should follow some guideline to have a strong paper. The student should start by observing the APA standard rule of formatting for an APA style essay where the students should use the normal size paper which has eight point five inches and eleven inches and in additions use the one-inch margin on all the sides. The paper must always be typed in New Time’s Roman style and be double spaced using the font of twelve points. On every page, there should be a page header which is supposed to be on the top left of the pace while the page number is meant to be at the top right of the page. The structure of the paper will depend on the type of the paper that the student have been asked to write. The upper left-hand corner of the page should have the title which is typed in capital letter.

What to include in APA style paper

Any APA style paper that the student is writing should have four main sections which are: the

  • a title of the page
  • an abstract,
  • the main body of the paper
  • references

The APA essay format includes the title should contain the running head, the title, and the name of the student and the affiliation of the school. The page is useful since it provides the reader with important details about the content of the paper. The part of the abstract is a summary of the essay that is being written by the student. This section should always be placed immediately after the page that contains the title. According to the APA APA writing format, the abstract should have words between one fifty and two fifty words. The abstract should mark the second page of the paper. The body which captures the main ideas should have heading levels that separate the content of the article. The first level heading should be at the centre and be in bold. The second level heading should be on the left and be in bold while the third level heading should be indented. The APA paper should incorporate in-text citations which are the content that is not the student’s original thought being paraphrased or quoted directly. The materials that have been paraphrased should include the name of the author, the year that the article was published being separated by a comma in parenthesis before ending the punctuation. A direct quote should include the same information as for the paraphrased materials and also the page number which is preceded by letter “p”.

What APA style references page includes

Finally, the student should be able to build up the APA paper format reference list that that was used in developing the paper. The section of the reference should be on its page which should be centered at the top of the page. The reference list in the APA writing style is arranged alphabetically using the last name of the author. The reference includes the name of the author the year that the book was published and the name of the article or the book being used.