Sample Argumentative Essay

Sample Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays stress your own position, point your meaning and show awareness in your opponents’ opinion. Writing such an essay you must express your knowledge. Not only write some abstract words about a particular issue but also show some evidence, statistics and even figures.

Features of argumentative essays:

• claims your own position;
• expresses an opinion of your opponent;
• provides evidences (statistic reports; figures, expert evaluation etc).

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Though an argumentative essay is a specific type of essays, it has some basics applicable to each and every one. All essays require your personal point of view and while writing you must remember some guidelines about the composition of an essay.

Essay composition:

introduction – here you must catch the attention of a reader, to interest him or her is the main reason; show the importance of your essay; express your readiness to argue and compete in order to defend your position;
body – consists of two or more parts where you reveal everything; point your evidence, stress your position and evaluate your opponents’ meaning; be strict and consistent so as not to lose the “battle”;
conclusion – the summary of what you wrote; draw your conclusions and show why you are right and the rest are not; draw the line at the end.

What else to remember?

To make a really good start in writing argumentative essays you need to pick a topic correctly. Though any essay is rather a composition than a research, in case of argumentative ones you will need some extra awareness and skills. Thus, do not even try to write about anything you do not know. Scale your abilities to argue and only then make a choice.

As I said before, you will need to show some evidence to stress your words. If not – no one will believe you. You may also use paper writing service to avoid the difficulties. You will get 100%-quality help and get your work done as fast as you need.

Do not forget that an argumentative essay is of serious ones. Don’t take it too easy because no one as a result will take you serious as well. When you are discussing some disadvantages of your opponents’ opinion don’t just say that they are bad and they are not right. Prove it.

When you have proved one’s mistakenness, the next step to follow is to provide some alternatives. What can you offer in return? – think about that. To break the arguments of your “enemy” is not enough to succeed in discussion. People will need your propositions supported by facts and experiments. Otherwise, you can order essay.

So, if you consider it to be difficult to make enough reinforcements for your opinion or discussion is not your natural spirit you can find sample argumentative essays online.