Unique Things Revealed in an Essay

Essay What Essays Reveal About Students

Essay requirements are very commonplace in the academic world. They come as early as during the application process and still dot the scene throughout the school year, all the way from high school to university and even to post-graduate degrees and more serious pursuits. So what makes this writing assignment a favorite way for professors to gauge the learning of students while being dreaded by these same students?

Unique things unveiled in an essay

  • Essays are truly unique among all project requirements or exams. This is largely because of the greater thought processes that are required before its inception and completion. It challenges the student to think about a particular subject at longer time frames than an ordinary quiz of objective multiple-choice items. For example, a writing assignment in a social studies or an economics class will call for an actual application of the principles taught in the lessons.
  • The organization capacity of the student is revealed in the writing process output. For questions that are put on exams, this ability is even put to a certain level of time pressure, challenging the writer to make an essay within a given amount of time.
  • Allowing the student to express his ideas about a particular topic in his own words gives a more accurate picture of the comprehension level he has reached in that subject. It is a very special insight into his understanding. This type of look into the students’ mind will be so much clearer than having him simply memorize facts and definitions and spout them off on the page.
  • This kind of requirement leaves room for opinions and thoughts related to the given theme. For example, case studies usually call for essay-type explanations that let the student make his own recommendations based on his beliefs. This allows a kind of exam that has no wrong answer. Instead it remains focused on simply checking what things the student is thinking of when presented with a particular problem.
  • Written communication skills are developed no matter what class gives the requirement. While this helps the student in the long run, at the present, it shows a bit of the student’s personality. This is a subtle benefit of the essay that only the most heart-driven teachers leverage on for understanding their students. The student does not even have to be conscious of what part of himself he is revealing, since it will most naturally come out. For example, the way he expresses his thoughts can show a good deal into whether he is outspoken of more reserved.

These qualities that are unique to essays make them a requirement in school that may never go out of style. This perhaps is enough reason for anyone who continues to have trouble with them to start getting the necessary help to develop his writing skill. Custom essay services on the Internet are wonderful tools for assisting the beginning writer on how to organize his ideas. Some essay help services even go the extra mile of guiding him on the thought processes required to come up with enough material for a finished output.