Air pollution essay

Air Pollution Essays are actually more than just academic papers

All of us have been witnessing the rapid growth of human diseases and mortality rate in the latest decades. The human health problems are inseparably connected with the Earth health. The consequences of the environmental pollution are devastating for all of us as the children of one and the same mother. No matter where the acid rains fall – they take their toll on and undermine the health of everyone on this planet. We are interwoven in the complicated matrix of the Universe where everything and everyone do matter. There are no separate twigs, leaves or buds that suffer from air, water or soil pollution – forests are our planet’s lungs no matter how trite it may sound nowadays. Consequently, they represent our common precious treasure. Trees’ roots are our roots, and perhaps the American Indians tribes are right attributing their origin to and tracking down their descent from certain animals and plants. The obvious traces of animals and birds similarity can be found in everyone’s appearance or behaviour. Besides, the human fetus develops the features of the animals’ world during its maturity in the womb. We can find parallels with every aspect of nature (and essay topics to write about) in human life and vice versa. We want to be nature’s kings but it is a mindless idea to dominate one’s own habitat and ruining it at the same time. Conventional wisdom attributes the sense of justice and mercy to the outstanding kings of mankind. We are to be just and merciful in order to survive because it can only be done together with the environment, not without it.

In desperate need for air?

Interesting enough, air is considered one of the most vital elements for our survival. It concerns both physical and moral aspects. Lack of fresh air causes headaches; lack of any air at all leads to excruciating death. The same holds true for spiritual life. If a society is severely pressed by a tyrant of any kind, lack of freedom is perceived as lack of air to breathe. A gulp of fresh air is valued most of all. An impressive air pollution essay can be written on both aspects of the problem; it can be substantiated by numerous examples taken from both ancient and recent history. Your air pollution essay must be written according to the strict academic requirements, as well as comply with the call of duty.

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