Classification Essay Topics

Some good classification topic ideas

Classification is a concept which we apply in our everyday lives, often without realizing it. Even while applying it, there are very few who are conscious of what they are doing. For the same reason, many students find it confusing to prepare essays using the technique of classification. Classifying an object requires you to identify its fundamental attributes and place it into various categories based on those features. And that requires a good knowledge of the object or subject which is being classified. The choice of the most appropriate classification essay topic, therefore, is very important while handling an essay of this nature.

Sample topics for classification essays

Classification Essay TopicsThe objective of a classification essay is to reach a verdict about the topic using classification method. Classification essays can be very interesting, if presented well, not only to the author but also to the readers. Almost all objects can be classified but not all of them work for all essay projects. You will have to find the most suitable topic for your project, with respect to the specific requirements of your project and your personal interests.

The main point to note is that, in order to write a classification essay, you need a classification principle. It would work as the platform for the classification of the objects. There are numerous classification essay topics in all subjects. Listed below are a few examples of topics which can be used for classification assignments.

1. The job options for an MBA student classified according to the remuneration, job timings and possibilities of career growth.

2. The fashion trends of teenagers in a particular region.

3. The tropical fruits available in a country during the various seasons classified as per the duration of availability, price range and usage.

4. The internet usage ratio between the various sectors of the society.

5. The effect of a particular drug on different types of diseases.

6. The various programs on television based on the popularity, content etc.

7. The various types of people who hold the same designation in an office according to the way they handle their work.

8. The best seller books of a particular year.

You can try out any fresh classification essay topic idea that might occur to you as long as you know enough about the topic to make a fair classification.

A few things to remember while writing classification essays

Classification essays are generally interesting in nature but there are cases where poor presentation takes away the appeal of the topic and the essay. In order to avoid such a situation, ensure that your essay is:

• Prepared in a language simple enough to be legible to your audience.
• Well-organized with emphasis to the classification theory.
• Focused on the classification, without any digressions.
• Clear about the categories used for the classification of your topic.

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