Classification of Friends

Putting together impressive classifications of friends

Classification essays classify the topics to sort them into various categories. Classification essays are quite interesting to work on, if the topic is one which appeals to the writer. ‘Friendship’ and ‘friends’ interest almost everyone. Friends are of various types and friendships are of various levels. While writing a classification essay on friends, you would sort them out into various categories. There are certain points to be noted while preparing classifications of friends for an essay.

Identifying the categories

Classification of Friends  The classification principle is the prime factor in a classification essay. It is the focus of the essay and the platform from where the classification would be made. It would be a common factor which applies to all categories alike. When it comes to friends, you can use age, intimacy level, gender, type of friendship etc as classification principles. Just note that you must stick to one principle throughout the essay. Otherwise your classification of friends would sound confusing and meaningless to the audience. In certain cases, the essay guidelines would suggest the classification principle, in which case you are to follow that principle. If not, you may choose any angle which suits you.

Presenting the essay

If you are good with words, you can present a classification essay any which way you want and still make it effective and impressive. But if you aren’t proficient enough in the language, then it would be more ideal to stick to the format of presenting them by category. For example; you can start off like; “My friends can mainly be divided into three categories based on the level of my intimacy with them – new, regular, best. The first group consists of those who are just balancing on the line which differentiates acquaintances from friends, the second group belongs to those whom I am forced to befriend as they are an inevitable part of my everyday life and the third are those who are so intimate that even when we meet after years, it is as though we just parted the day before.”

One point to remember while writing out a classification essay is that you are to write for the audience. Your classification of friends and the further categorization must make sense to your readers for the essay to be effective and impressive. Hence, state the classification principle and the thesis very clearly in your introductory paragraph. A clear understanding of the principle of classification is necessary to follow the essay.

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