Compare and Contrast Essay

How to write compare and contrast essays

Essay writing is a skill which you will have to master in order to deal with your academic assessments as a majority of them would be in the form of essays. There are many types of essays which are included in the academic curriculum. One of them is the compare and contrast essay assignment. This type of essay studies a topic from a comparative point of view; it also studies the contrasting properties of the object or the subject, to reach a conclusion on the topic. Even though it is among the most interesting assignments to work on, if you are not sure of how to go about presenting a compare and contrast analysis, you might end up confusing your readers about what you are trying to convey.

Tips on preparing essays using the compare and contrast method

Compare and Contrast EssayThe first thing to learn is that, a compare and contrast essay works on the comparison principle and hence, needs two objects which share some common attributes, as the essay topic. You will also need to look into what stops the two topics from being the ‘same’ even while they are similar in many ways. Or, in simpler words, you will need to study the differences in the similarities of your subjects of study, to reach the conclusion in this type of an assignment.

The trouble with academic assignments is that you don’t accomplish anything just by learning something; you must prove that you have learned it to get expected results. Your compare and contrast analysis would be of no use if your readers cannot grasp what you have put across to them. There are many ways of presenting essays which use the compare and contrast method of study; you must choose the one which you are comfortable with and which you can efficiently handle.

Your compare and contrast essays must contain:

1. An introduction which introduces the two (or more) subjects of study which would be discussed in the paper and states the objective of the paper.

2. Body paragraphs which present the important points of your study either:

• By analyzing one subject first and then the other and then comparing and contrasting them. This method will also take you safely to the conclusion.


• By alternating between the two subjects to discuss the features one by one. In this method, you will be presenting one feature of the first subject and move straight onto whether the second subject is similar or in contrast to the first about that feature. This method should be attempted only if you are confident about your writing skills. This type of presentation can be taxing to the reader, if not presented skillfully, as he/she will have to shift from one subject to another frequently.

3. A conclusion which efficiently puts the points together to present a comparative analysis of the discussed topics.

It is extremely important that the points you include are relevant enough and are compared and contrasted in an organized manner. If you need any further assistance with compare and contrast essays, feel free to contact us. We can put you onto one of our highly experienced academic writers, from your own subject area, to guide you with your project. We offer help with all subjects and levels of education. If you wish to buy a custom essay which is tailored to suit the specifications of your project, we can do that for you as well.