Comparison Essay

How to frame good comparison essays

Comparison technique has been proved to be one of the most effective methods of assessments whether it is an object or a concept or just a topic of discussion. This method is also applied in academic writing assignments and given out to students very often. Comparison essays are among the most interesting of all assignments to work on. You just need to get a grasp of some very basic aspects regarding the comparative analysis methodology to be able to work on this type of essay efficiently.

Framing effective essays using comparison techniques

Comparison essayComparative analysis is a method which we use in our everyday lives without being aware of it. It has also been found to be useful for research and also for the purpose of taking the study of familiar topics to a deeper level. A comparison essay uses the method of comparison not only for the study but also for the presentation of the matter.

When you are asked to prepare an essay using the comparison techniques:

• Identify two topics which have a common feature. The similarity will work as the comparison principle or the base of comparison. For example, you can choose to compare the fashion trends of the teenagers of two countries – here the ‘teenage factor’ would work as the comparison principle. You can never use two topics for this kind of assignment if those topics have nothing in common.

• Identify the most ideal method of presentation of your topic. Comparative essays can be presented in many ways – you can choose to list out the points in two columns – one feature of one topic typed against that of the other or you can even choose to write it in the form of flowing text. You can talk of the features, allotting one paragraph to each feature, and conclude each paragraph with a comparative analysis of that feature between the two topics. This method is usually known as the alternating method as it alternates between the two topics. Choose the essay format with respect to the level of your own writing skills and the intellectual level of your audience.

• Frame a clear introduction which introduces both the topics as well as the comparison principle. Give relevant background information on both topics. State the purpose of your essay clearly – it would be the thesis or the theory you formed out of the comparative analysis.

• Stress upon the main point of comparison. Organize the points in such a way that the most important ones are mentioned first. That way, you would be able to omit the least important ones, if you reach the page limit faster than you had expected.

Comparison essays bring out those aspects in a topic which might go unnoticed otherwise. And that exactly is what you must do to make your essay interesting; identify unexplored angles to the comparison. The manner of presentation also influences the overall appeal of the essay.

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