Controversial Essay Topics

Some controversial essay topic samples for reference

Controversial essays are extremely interesting to work on as controversies are almost always interesting to learn about. But presenting controversial essay topics in an interesting and effective manner may not be so easy. There would be many people among your audience who would already have an opinion of their own regarding your controversial topic and it is needless to say that most people do not like to change their opinions unless they are forced to. Even though you need not prove anything in an essay project, you will still need to make your essay look impressive at least to those who are evaluating it. Hence, you must choose a topic on which you have enough evidence to prove your perspective.

Identifying good topics for controversial essays

Controversial Essay TopicsOne of the special features of controversies is that even those which are long-forgotten contain the left-over sparks in it for as long as it is not solved completely. All you need is some interesting information to light it up again. So, if there is an old controversy which you wish to use as the topic for your controversial essay, you can use it as long as you are confident that you have some interesting information to present on that topic. Just remember that it may not be easy to dig out information regarding topics which have not been talked about for a long time. Listed here are some controversial essay topic samples which might give you an idea of the nature of a controversial topic.

1. Are men more responsible for the rising number of divorce cases or do women carry more responsibility towards it?
2. Should abortion be made legal in cases where the pregnancy is a result of rape?
3. Are the methods used to execute prisoners, who have been sentenced to death, appropriate?
4. Do women have any role to play in bringing down the number of domestic violence cases?
5. It has been argued that Jews suffered from the Nazis for what their ancestors did to Jesus Christ. Does that argument justify The Holocaust?
6. Whose inefficiency is behind the growth of Al-Qaeda and why are they still managing to inflict damage upon the rest of the world?

Choosing the right controversial topic

Some students confuse between controversial topics and argumentative topics. But both are completely different. A topic can be called controversial only if has managed to maintain its position as a topic of public interest for a rather long period. The longer it has been debated on, the better it would be for a controversial essay. While choosing controversial essay topics, just ensure that it still qualifies as a controversial topic. You need not worry about proving your point as it is an essay project but you are, indeed, expected to justify your views. Your must have some fresh information on the topic, to include in your essay, for the essay to be interesting to the readers.

Professional assistance with controversial essays

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