Critical Essay

Understanding the specifications of critical essays

Essay writing is a skill which all students are expected to master by the time they reach their middle school level. Most students get familiar with the essay writing procedure but there are very few who pay attention to the finer details of essay writing which includes the objectives of the different types of essays and the appropriate method of presentation. There are many types of essays which are assigned to students of various levels of education and critical essays are among the most commonly assigned ones. There are many basic aspects to be remembered while preparing an essay of this nature.

How to frame an impressive essay using a critical view

Critical essayCritical thinking comes naturally to almost all human beings. But reaching an analytical conclusion on a particular topic using critical thinking is not as simple as criticizing something. Moreover, it is not at all an easy task to put it in writing as to what critical thinking went through your mind and how it took you to a conclusive analysis.

An in-depth and complete knowledge of the topic is absolutely necessary for the purpose of being able to critically analyze it. Hence, even though it comes under ‘essays’, be warned that a critical essay might require some research to gather more data on the topic.

There are certain elements which must be present in an essay which is composed using critical thinking.

1. An introduction to the topic which is interesting yet void of your views. Critical analysis should always be preceded by solid facts in order to help the audience form a personal idea of what you are going to talk about. That will also help them judge your thinking in a better way.

2. A clear thesis statement which presents the theory formed out of the critical analysis concisely. The critical analysis theory is your personal opinion of the matter and the audience will understand it in the right sense only if you manage to state it clearly.

3. A detailed analytical report which justifies your theory. Opinion, critical or not, is subjective and hence, it must be justified. Your reader might be of a contradictory opinion; you are not obliged to make him, or her, change their views and agree to yours. All you are expected to do is to justify your reasoning, or your critical perspective.

4. A good conclusion which is a summary of all the main points of analysis and which reinstates the thesis stated in the introduction. The conclusion of a critical essay must be capable of leaving the readers wondering if your views make more sense than their own.

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