Descriptive Essay about a Person

Tips on writing descriptive essays about a person

Descriptive essays address many kinds of topics. It talks about events, objects, people, a phenomenon or just anything. A good descriptive essay is expected to describe the event in such a manner as to create a visual of the topic, in the mind of the audience. Students are often asked to write descriptive essays about a person whom they know or have observed. In order to accomplish the task of describing a person, you need to understand certain fundamental factors about description techniques.

Understanding the concept of description

Descriptive Essay about a PersonThe first and most important point to note about description is that not everything can be described in the same manner. The description of a topic depends highly on its nature and attributes. While working on a descriptive essay about a person, it will be expected of you to describe the person so well that the audiences start feeling that they know the person personally. You can achieve this by using writing techniques like:

• Characterization: Build the character of the person you are describing using that person’s physical as well as behavioral characteristics. Start by talking about the most striking features. That will give the audience a generalized idea about the topic, and work as an outer frame which can later on be filled in with the rest of the description.

• Comparison and exemplification: Compare the features or actions of the person to someone or something that the audiences can easily relate to. That will help in giving the audience a more accurate idea of the person. You can use exemplification for the purpose of comparing or contrasting the points. “He looked like…”, “He looked nothing like…” etc are examples of comparison and contrast which can be used in descriptive essays about a person.

The appropriate format for presenting a description

No essay will be impressive if it is not framed perfectly and the points distributed evenly between the various parts of the research paper structure. The same is applicable for descriptive essays also. Only if the description is logically delegated between the structural components, would it be effective. Do not give away too much in the introduction. Keep the best for later. The introduction can just consist of the general and most prominent characteristics of the person. As you progress through the body paragraphs, you can reveal the more interesting points and conclude your essay by forming a summative description of the person.

Using words effectively

Good writing skills can definitely be an advantage while handling descriptive papers. If you are one of the lucky ones who are skilled with words, you will find the task, of writing a descriptive essay about a person, to be the most enjoyable one. In fact, if you know how to write in an interesting manner, you can consider half the job done. On the other hand, if you are not proficient enough in written language, you might need some assistance with your essay writing project, which we would only be glad to provide. We offer online essay writing help to students of all subjects. We also provide research paper and term paper writing services. If you wish to buy essays which are customized to your specifications, we can do that for you as well. You may order essays through our website or contact us for any further assistance.