Exploratory Essay

Understanding the objective of exploratory essays

Essays and most types of research papers are usually written with the aim of proving the pre-determined theses. But exploratory essays work on a different principle. You literally explore the unknown realms of the topic while dealing with essays of this nature. The thesis will be the result of your study of the topic. And unlike other essay assignments, exploratory projects require a certain amount of research. The matter you put into the paper would be the details of your study or research.

What to know while preparing an exploratory assignment

Exploratory essayThe most interesting feature of an exploratory essay is the freedom you get with the approach you wish to adopt. Even if the topic is pre-assigned, each submission would be different as the students are at liberty to choose any perspective which appeals to them.

An exploratory assignment can be handled efficiently if you take care of a few things.

1. Choose a topic which interests you. If the topic is pre-assigned, then find an interesting angle to work on. Since you are to explore the topic and study it in detail, it is always better to go by what interests you. But do not choose to write about what you already know. The whole concept of an exploratory assignment is based on exploration and research techniques. You will need to tell your readers, not just what you know but also, how you know what you have written about. The method, in an exploratory assignment, is as important as the result.

2. Try to find an original approach to the topic. Commonly used ones will make your essay less interesting to the readers.

3. Find the focus before you proceed. The thesis usually works as the focal point which holds the essay together. But as exploratory essays do not have a thesis, you will need to find another focus to keep you steady on the right path. In the absence of a thesis, the chances of accidental digressions are very high.

4. Identify the key points for your essay, as you proceed. This is extremely important, again, due to the absence of a thesis. As you explore, you might find that your initial idea about the research problem was not correct. This is quite normal while writing exploratory assignments. The first opinion, in this case, may not be the best one. Hence, be open to such changes.

5. Make use of an essay outline. That will help you organize the points effectively. Since you need to let your readers know the details of your study, you will need to present the points in a very organized manner and there is no better way of organizing your points than using an outline. It will give you an idea of the basic structure of your essay.

Exploratory essay projects are quite interesting to work on as you get an excuse to learn new things about topics which interest you. And as there are fewer restrictions, you will feel more comfortable about working on this type of an assignment. If you need any further help with your essay projects, let us know. We offer help with everything related to academic writing including research paper, term paper and essay topics, essay writing and also other tasks like outlining, editing, formatting and proof reading. We also prepare custom essays for students who wish to get their work professionally perfected.