MBA essays

How to write an effective MBA essay

MBA is among the most sought after courses and more and more students are opting to choose it for higher studies. But getting admission into the course is not so easy. There are too many applicants for the number of seats available and as almost all in the list are equally qualified, the authorities often find it hard to short list the right applicants. It is quite important for them as it is common for students to drop out of the course half-way through when they fail to keep up with the tough syllabus, wasting the precious seat which could have gone to a worthier candidate. Therefore, even though it falls under the category of admission essays, MBA essays have a bigger purpose. In addition to understanding the candidate better, the essays also evaluate their ability to handle the highly stressful course in a satisfactory way.

Tips on writing good MBA application essays

MBA essaysThe objective of an MBA application essay is to identify the best from among the numerous candidates who apply for the course. The most important thing to note is that almost all the applicants would be as qualified as you are; your only chance to showcase yourself as a better candidate is the essay. The authorities depend, a lot, on the essays to make the right choices. Hence, you must pay as much attention to what you put into your essay as you do with the mandatory columns in the application form. Remember that writing an effective essay is not just about filling pages with what comes to your mind; it is about finding the focus of your ideas and converting them into effective words.

• Application essays are usually to be written on pre-determined prompts or essay questions. The same applies to MBA essays as well. Hence, your first task is to decipher the essay prompt or essay question given out to you. Remember that without understanding the question you would not be able to answer it.

• Address the question. Do not talk of irrelevant matters. They are not interested in all that you wish to say. They only care about what answer you have to give towards the essay question. There would be many ways of approaching the essay question. Find the most ideal one for you and identify the focus of your answer. That would be the thesis of your MBA essay.

• Write in simple language if you are not confident about your writing skills. You can communicate effectively in simple language also. It is, definitely, better than making grammatical or punctuation errors while attempting to use compound or complex sentences.

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