MLA Format Essay

Some points to note while preparing MLA format essays

The MLA style of documentation is among the most commonly acknowledged format, not only for academic or scholarly documentation but also, for journals, publications and magazines in many countries. In academia, it is most commonly used for documenting literature essays and research papers. But as the style is quite flexible, it is used to format essays and academic papers in other subjects as well. Once you learn the specifications of the MLA style, it will help you to prepare impressive MLA format essays and research papers.

An overview of the MLA format rules

MLA Format Essay The MLA style offers different formatting options to suit the documentation requirements of various subjects. The instructors also have the liberty to choose the options they prefer for each project they assign to the students. Hence, the formatting guidelines of the project must be carefully studied while preparing an MLA format essay. If the guidelines suggest that you follow the MLA style guidelines, you may refer to the latest edition of the MLA style manual and follow the instructions given in that.

Even though the formatting rules of MLA style are relatively simple, there are certain rules to be taken into regard while preparing MLA style essays and research papers.

The title page

Almost all academic documentation styles ask for a separate title page but the MLA format doesn’t. According to the MLA format rules, the title page is to be a part of the first page of the essay. The name of the author, the name of the professor, the course title and the date of submission are to appear on the top left hand corner of the first page of your essay. On the top right corner, the surname of the author and the page number must be printed. Leaving two spaces below the date of submission, the essay title must be typed in, centrally aligned. Leaving another two spaces below the title, you can start your essay.

The in-text citations

MLA style uses parenthetical references for citing sources within the text. The surname of the author and the page number are to be given within brackets, next to the cited information. The in-text citations are meant to direct the readers to the detailed information given in the bibliography section. Hence, make sure that the in-text citations correspond with the details given in the bibliography section.

The bibliography

The complete list of information on the sources, in an MLA format essay, must begin on a fresh page and be attached to the last page of the essay. This section is to be given the heading of ‘Works Cited’. The format for presenting information in this section depends upon the type of source used. But the basic format is “Name of the author(reversed). Title of the book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of Publication. Page number”. Organize the list alphabetically, as per the last names of the authors.

These are the main points to remember about the MLA style. MLA style also offers options of a separate title page, footnotes, endnotes etc, which you need not worry about unless specified in the project guidelines. If you need any further help with your MLA format essays, let us know. We offer online essay, research paper and term paper writing assistance to students. You can buy essays which are prepared especially for you as per the specifications of your assignment. You may order essays in all subjects and of all levels through our website.