Precious Essay Phrases for a Victorious Essay

Learn Useful Essay Phrases to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Generally, essay writing is quite a complicated process, and there exists a huge number of special devices that can make it sound better and more professional. One of such devices that catch the reader’s attention and make the essay memorable is the usage of special essay phrases within the whole writing. These phrases are aimed at making the writing more coherent, logically structured, and easily understood.

The main function of essay phrases is known probably to each student – to connect the ideas and sentences, as well as to smoothly proceed with the next idea, sentence, or text segment. Nevertheless, not everyone knows the following rules of using these phrases:

  • Transitional essay phrases should not be uses at the beginning of your writing.
  • When starting a new paragraph, the usage of special phrases is extremely important.
  • For adding new information, a simple @and@ is not enough. You can use “in addition”, “as well as”, “furthermore”, “moreover”, “besides”, etc.
  • The sequence of events, points, and especially ideas needs to be indicated by such phrases as “first”, “second”, “next”, “the former”, “the latter”, “finally”, “lastly”, etc.
  • Examples that support the arguments in your essay are effectively introduced by the following phrases: “for instance”, “in illustration”, “for example”, etc.
  • Contrasting and comparing ideas always sounds better when is used together with such essay phrases: “on the contrary”, “conversely”, “instead”, “on one hand”, “by the same token”, etc.
  • When you need concession phrases, these would produce the biggest effect: “however”, “nevertheless”, “notwithstanding”, “at any rate”, “in any case”, “in any event”, “even so”, etc.
  • Effective generalizing can be introduced by not only “generally speaking”, but also “for the most part”, “customarily”, “mostly”, “as usual”, “usually”, “ordinarily”, “as a rule”, “more often than not”, “rarely”, etc.
  • Restating ideas also requires the usage of appropriate phrases like “that is”, “that is to say”, “in other words”, “namely”, “in essence”, etc.
  • Though the summary of your thoughts is usually clearly understood when placed in the final essay paragraph, it is still better to put emphasis with the help of such phrases as “all things considered”, “to sum up”, “finally”, “by and large”, “in any event”, “in conclusion”, “in final consideration”, “in any case”, etc.

All these essay phrases when used appropriately and in sufficient quantity make the easily understandable, coherent, and logical. Unfortunately, students still often fail to use these phrases to their advantage. In case you want to enrich your writing with this special language but have some doubts about having enough skills or time for the task, you can always use our professional help for writing and proofreading your essays.