A Proposal for Funding for an Exercise and Health Program

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We propose a cheap and effective program as a solution to health problems among community members that result from lack of adequate exercise and adequate food (Saylor, 2006). We propose a weekly training and recreation program that will be able to help about 50 individuals and offer health education to over 100 adults and children. The program should also increase the skills of adults in our community by making English materials available and offer classes on necessary life skills. We also propose a food program that will be able to serve an approximate 600 families without enough food. This program will be beneficial to this organization because it will enable it to accomplish its responsibility to the community by offering food, health education, and exercise.


For the past three years, the company has expanded tremendously both in size and revenue collection. However, the organization has failed in its social responsibility towards its surrounding community. The organization has a social responsibility of serving its local community by offering clothing, food, health education, exercise, and recreation facilities among others. For the organization to meet this requirement, it needs to set aside funds meant specifically for this purpose.

The problem of lack of funding for the community-based initiative by our organization was brought to light by criticisms by local newspaper articles and local community groups. The success of the organization is relevant; however, it is not giving back to its local community. The organization has the responsibility of helping families access healthy and nutritious foods and develop their life and vocational skills. The organization has the following programs and activities that it needs to implement:

Food and Clothing: the organization needs to provide a food program targeting poor and low-income families in the surrounding community. The food should be purchased from a reputable food bank and distributed to the deserving families.

Youth Programs: the organization should also provide programs aimed at education, athletics, leadership programs and dance. Youth programs should be able to serve more than 50 young people. 

Health Programs: with funding for such a program, the organization will be able to implement health initiative that will be able to serve a large number of people. Health programs should include services such as blood work and cancer screening. Outreach workers should also contact patients and offer them more information and advice.


Programs described above are just some of the initiatives that our proposal seeks to address. According to the World Health Organization, more than 40% of deaths worldwide are as result of cardiovascular disease (Mutsatsa 71). It is evident in the local community that about 39% of deaths are correlated with cardiovascular diseases. From previous surveys conducted in the community, it was concluded that more than one-third of the families did not have any health insurance. Furthermore, they only seek emergency services and do not seek relevant measures required to avert the problem. The neighboring community of our organization is faced with poverty where household income is less than $14,000.

Our proposal has the following goals and objectives:

Objective 1: to educate residents about heart and cardiovascular diseases and identify those individuals that are at a higher risk of such diseases.

Objective 2: over a period of three years, more than five health fairs, heart disease screening and other related subjects (tobacco smoking, exercise, hypertension, and diet) will cover over 300 residents.

Goal 1: provide the community with activities that are designed to curb risks for heart and other cardiovascular diseases.

Goal 2: help community members to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Objective 3: for the next three years, outreach workers will be able to provide more than 400 residents with follow-up information and provide individual-based development programs that are aimed at preventing diseases.

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We have proposed the following activities:

  1. Health camps and screening services

The organization will host more than two medical camps within the proposed three-year period, inviting major health association in the country as well as nutrition, fitness and exercise professionals. A health screening service will be offered as part of the medical camp testing residents of the various medical conditions through blood tests. Residents will also be tested for blood pressure. Informative materials on lifestyle issues (tobacco smoking, high blood pressure) will also be made available. Insensitive like refreshments, exercise equipment among others will be included.   

  1. Exercise program

In a week, there will be three classes of one hour each for both working adults and seniors and targeting an annual enrollment of 30 people. Exercise activities will include running, aerobics, and walking tailored to fit the different age groups. The fitness instructors will also provide information on diet, cardiovascular health and will also answer any relevant questions from the participants. Weight, aerobic and exercise equipment will need to be purchased.

  1. Outreach 

Health outreach workers will be required to contact residents who attended the health camps and exercise programs and other individuals who are seen to be at a high risk of heart disease. The outreach worker will be required to related to exercise, diet and stress and offer relevant suggestions. Some residents may also be unable to read health-related test results, and outreach workers will, therefore, be required to help. Individuals at a higher risk will be conducted more frequently. An individual will be able to play the role of an instructor and outreach worker if he or she qualifies.

The table below show the funds required to implement these activities. From the budget, it is evident that it is not very expensive for the organization to implement this proposal:

Salaries and wages$90,000


Fringe Benefits$10,000
Consultant services$500
Consumable supplies$23,000$3,000
Other Costs$48,000$5,500
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Every organization and business have a social responsibility towards the local community in which it operates, and our organization is no exception. There are many organizations in our community, but most of them are not focused on giving back to the community. This proposal gives this organization a chance to fulfill its social obligation and serve as an example and a benchmark to other organizations. Our organization has generated millions of dollars in profits, and it will be able to sustain this program for very many years. The organization can also seek funds from other organizations and institutions that believe in community service.

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