Our Revision Policy

When you get a paper from us, you can feel that there is something wrong or you want to add some changes. It is absolutely okay with us! Our EssayUSA.com team completely understands this and is ready to help you anytime. Revision service is totally free, you just need to follow these simple steps to request help:

Submission: Find your personal order page and click on the ‘request revision button.’ See, it couldn’t be any easier!

Deadline: You should know that you can request a revision at any time before you accept the order sent to you. But keep in mind that after you accept the paper, you have only 10 days to ask your writer for the revision. In case your order has more than 20 pages, you can ask for amendments within 14 days. We already mentioned that this service is completely free, but if your paper needs a considerable revision, you can be charged some stipulated but minimal fee. The cost of this service will be counted depending on the complexity and length of the requested revision. Don’t worry our support team will assist you with the estimated calculation of this fee.

Revision Request After 10-Day Period Deadline

What to do if you missed the 10-day period deadline to request the revision? You should remember that in this case, you have to place a new order and choose the ‘Editing/Rewriting’ service. But, of course, EssayUSA.com cares a lot about our customers, and it’s possible sometimes to extend the revision deadline if the initial deadline allows it.

Request the ‘Revision Major’ Service

There could be some cases when the customer wants to make some changes that are completely different from the initial instructions. It could include such amendments as changing the subject, the author’s vision applied in the paper, formatting and styling, different courses in research, etc. If the implementation of such changes would add up from 60% to 100% of the word count or there would be a need to write the paper from scratch, we can offer you a special paid-for service called ‘Revision Major.’

The benefit of this ‘Revision Major’ service is that we offer it at a fixed price of 60% of your desired word count and the deadline for revision. This service concerns cases when the revised paper is used, or it is needed to write a new paper from scratch.

We decided to create such a service in order to simplify the process of the implementation of your amendments without paying the whole cost of the new paper. Besides, it allows compensating the writer for the original paper that they completed with the initial requirements and for the new paper with the requested instructions for revision.