Spell Checker: Fix Typos for Free
A smart tool to check your writing and ensure there isn’t a single spelling error left.

Free Online Spell Checker – Boost Your Proofreading

Not sure of the spelling of certain words in your text? Check it out with our free online spell checker! This tool is created to help you find all unintentional spelling mistakes in your text and fix them in a few clicks. No need to waste your precious time proofreading a text, again and again, to make it flawless. Just use our spell checker and forget about mistakes in your essays.

What is a Spell Check?

Our online free spell checker is a convenient tool for everybody who needs to check and correct the spelling of words in academic papers and documents. The tool is especially good for students who work on many assignments at the same time and don’t have time to proofread each text several times. The checker has a simple interface and provides results within seconds, which allows users to quickly check any amount of text and correct spelling errors.

We know that small mistakes can significantly impact the overall impression of the text. Correct spelling is a must for any academic paper or document. And most students do their best to find and remove all spelling errors from their papers to ensure their quality. But proofreading a text doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find such small mistakes. Especially when you write a lengthy essay, as it is easy to mistype a word and don’t notice it.

That’s why you should try our spell checker instead of proofreading. This online tool will quickly analyze your text, find all misspelled words, and suggest you the correct spelling. It saves your time, makes your paper flawless, and reduces the stress from numerous times of proofreading the same text.

How to Use a Spell Checker?

Need to check word spelling online? There is no easier way than using our spell checker. It works fast and requires minimum effort from you. All you need to do is:

  • Copy the text from your document.
  • Paste it into the text area of our checker.
  • Click on each underlined word to see correction suggestions.
  • Correct each misspelled word.

The online spell check takes only a few seconds, so you will see the results immediately after pasting your text. The checker analyzes every word from the text and highlights those which are not found in a dictionary. For each misspelled word the online checker generates a few suggestions – correct words similar to the mistyped ones. You just need to take a look at the suggestions and choose the option that is suitable for your text.

Also, to improve the quality of the spelling check, you can add words to your dictionary so they won’t be flagged as mistakes. It is a great feature if your text contains many names or unique words that are usually not in dictionaries. And, you can always ignore suggestions if you think they are false or inappropriate. Just click on the corresponding button near the suggestion.

Main Benefits of Online Spell Checker

You might think that using a sentence spell checker is as effective as proofreading on your own. But, in fact, checking your text with our online spell checker has plenty of benefits for every student and is more effective than proofreading. For example, with us you can:

  • Easily check text online.
  • Don’t spend hours proofreading lengthy papers.
  • Be sure your text is flawless.
  • Get smart suggestions for fixing every misspelled word.
  • Add unique words to your personal dictionary to avoid their correction.
  • Use spell checks free of cost.
  • Don’t worry about the correctness of your text.

Check anything you need – from a single word to a whole essay. Our spell checker will review any amount of text and show the results within a couple of seconds. It is quick, effective, stress-free, and convenient for everybody. You can use it from your computer or mobile device anytime you need it. It is always at hand, so you can check a word, sentence, or whole text fast and easily.

And unlike many other proofreading tools, we keep our spell checker minimalistic and user-friendly. It ensures that everyone can easily use it without getting distracted by numerous buttons with unclear purposes. By trying our spell check you will find out how easily and effectively it identifies all typos with minimum effort from you.

Spell and Grammar Check – Avoid Errors in Your Text

How many times did you get feedback from your professor and find out that some words were misspelled or your grammar wasn’t correct? We know how upsetting it can be, especially if you spend an hour proofreading and editing your text. But, with our spell and grammar checker, you can rest assured your essay is flawless.

Just enter all confusing words or sentences and see the accurate spelling for every word. Our checker analyzes not only a word itself but also the context in which it is used. So, you will get the most accurate suggestion for fixing spelling mistakes according to the context. In this way, our checker guarantees that all your words are spelled and used correctly in every sentence.

Besides spelling mistakes, the online checker will also help you with grammar and punctuation mistakes. If you miss a determiner, add a second space between words, or make any other mistake, a checker will underline words with mistakes and show suggestions to fix them. And if you want to understand why there is a mistake, you can click on the Information icon in the right top corner of the suggestion box. There will be detailed information about the mistake you made, so you can learn and improve your writing.

How Essay Spell Checker Can Help You?

We genuinely believe that our spell checker can help every student to write essays and other academic papers much more effectively. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons for it. Check it out:

  • You don’t waste time on proofreading, so you can finish more assignments in one day.
  • You easily have all errors removed, so you don’t worry about the quality of your essay.
  • You see smart suggestions, so you don’t need to wonder what is the correct way to spell mistyped words.

And these are just a few examples of how our checker can help you with word spell check. Once you try it, you will understand that it is an indispensable tool for writing papers of excellent quality. You can write paragraphs right in the spell checker and see all mistakes once they appear. It will guarantee that you won’t miss a single misspelled word in your paper, even if you write in a hurry and frequently make mistakes in words.

Why Choose Our English Spell Checker?

Wondering what makes our spell checker better than others? We simply try to offer the best service to our clients! We can guarantee that our online spell-checking tool is reliable and effective, no matter what text you need to check. With us, you have a chance to get a quality spell check free of cost and without downloading any software on your device.

So, if you are looking for an easy in use yet powerful tool for essay spell check, our free checker is a greater choice. Just paste your text, find all spelling mistakes, and fix them using our smart suggestions. It is easy, quick, and completely free!

Frequently Asked Questions About Spell Checker

How long does it take to wait for spell check results?

Spell check results appear within a few seconds after you enter a text into the text area. The time can differ depending on the length of the text, but be sure you won’t wait long in any case. The checker automatically detects all spelling errors while you type, so the results are seen immediately. And if you paste a whole paragraph or essay, all you need to do to see misspelled words is click on the “Check” button.

Can your spell checker improve my essay?

Our online spell checker is created exactly to help students improve their essays. We know that it is easy to mistype a word or forget the correct spelling of sophisticated words. By using our checker you can quickly find all typos in your text and correct them. It is an effective way to improve your essay and ensure the correct spelling of every word.

Is your free spell checker legal?

Yes, our free online spell checker is absolutely legal! You don’t need to worry about using it for checking your essay or any other academic paper. It is not prohibited by any educational institution. The purpose of using a spell checker is simply to ensure there are no misspelled words in the text. So, don’t worry, and use this tool to improve your essay anytime you need it.

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