Fair Use Policy

EssayWriter.org is a professional writing service with 10+ years of experience which helps students with different types of assignments on any subject. Our company values the customers, their requirements, and their desires. We are also proud of our academic writers, as they are top-notch professionals who make our service first-rate. In order to provide quality services and make the cooperation between writers and customers as clear and transparent as possible, we would like to share our Fair Use Policy.

General Rules

EssayWriter.org is a legitimate company that provides writing and editing services by certified professional writers. Our mission is to help students to cope with difficult assignments and share practical tips on how to manage particular tasks.

According to the EssayWriter.org Terms & Conditions, the following actions will be considered as undermining the educational process:

  • Cheating. It’s completely unacceptable due to our Terms & Conditions.
  • Plagiarism. Our writers always deliver 100% unique papers.
  • Collusion. It is forbidden to hire people to perform tasks on behalf of another person.
  • Scam. EssayWriter is a lawful company that provides qualitative services in return for a reasonable fee.
  • Imitation. It is not included in our services to imitate your writing style and other peculiarities.

Each member of our team is acquainted with our rules and is obliged to strictly follow them. Our employees should foster lawful academic behavior among the customers they are working with. In case the specialist from our company, consciously or unconsciously, is proven to violate the mentioned rules, they will be justly punished, i.e., dismissed from the workplace and charged the fee stipulated in the Company Agreement.

Details for Students

As we already mentioned, our customers and their orders are very valuable to us, and we do our best to maintain the reputation of a trustful and reliable company. But we’d like to make our cooperation comfortable for both parties, that’s why we also ask our customers to follow some rules. Please, familiarize yourself with certain activities that will not be accepted with your order:

  • Using our samples of papers as your own.
  • Completing assignments on behalf of a student on a turn-key premise.
  • Imitating the identity of someone else.
  • Giving ready-made tests, lab work results, etc.
  • Custom paper writing in Medical Science related fields.
  • Faking financial and business documents.
  • Providing fraudulent information or fake facts.
  • Making unfair accusations and claims.

We hope that our rules are clear enough for you and our future cooperation will be easy and pleasant. In case you witness any violation of our policies, please report it to us immediately.