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Frequently asked questions

What is is a certified business and every student’s best friend. Our mission is to contribute to the quality of education globally by offering alternative study approaches to students and researchers. For over 10 years now our experts assist customers in various areas of academic and research activities with a strong focus on high-quality original content.

Dealing with papers, essays, dissertations, and other assignments daily, we know how challenging and demanding the data research process is. Therefore, one of our latest initiatives offers free access to thousands of academic samples that can be used for referential purposes. Credible and relevant sources are difficult to find; here, anyone can access helpful materials that aim to both inspire and guide in further academic research.

That said, we also offer custom assistance with any study assignment. When free essay samples are not enough, you can rely on our qualified help. Team up with a professional writer in your subject and get a letter-perfect result by the deadline required.

Is it legal to use your online database of samples?

It is 100% legal.

Just like you use other databases in your research projects, you can also benefit from the samples published on our website. All samples were provided by students or shared with the consent of the author. We were meticulously selective when choosing what essays to add to our database. The result is a multi-choice selection of original and high-quality essays in different subjects, formats, and types. You are encouraged to use these samples in your own research or as writing and academic style guides. However, submitting any of the provided samples for your own academic credit will be regarded as cheating.

How high is the percentage of original content in the free samples?

All samples in our database have more than 80% of original content. We checked every single essay manually with the help of recognized plagiarism checkers that guarantee quality originality examinations. The software checks similar texts through the most used search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc. You can rest assured that all samples here are 80-100% plagiarism-free.

Do you offer a custom writing service?

Writing high-quality custom content is our superpower. We are a team of qualified writers, editors, and proofreaders, each specializing in their respective knowledge areas. If you need an original work that has zero mistakes and plagiarism and is written per your unique instructions and preferences, place your order without hesitation.

What you will get is more than just an unfailing solution to your study problem. A professional writer will approach your order individually, examining instructions carefully, and following every single requirement to the letter. We follow academic writing guidelines and guarantee that the text will meet both your instructions and the highest quality standards. And of course, full originality is a must. We guarantee that your paper will pass Turnitin plagiarism screening with a 100% originality score. Writers use reliable paid databases to guarantee the highest quality of research and its unquestionable uniqueness.

Our assistance is confidential and secure, we operate on a no-name basis in compliance with GDPR and CCPA. We are transparent about our security standards and pricing system. You can learn more about our services and guarantees here.

How can I contact you if I need help?

We are here for you 24/7/365.

Whatever is the question that bothers your mind, you can get a qualified answer within minutes. Do not hesitate to contact us via:

  1. Toll-free lines: +1 985 261 4006 and +44 20 36 77 5446
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Live chat: click the message button at the right bottom corner of the screen.
  4. Feedback form: fill out a quick questionnaire on our contact page.

Support managers welcome you to and are happy to help you with anything. Let’s cut the distance!

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Here, you may draw inspiration for your assignments or use our service full of awesome essay samples.

We provide a wide range of ready-made papers on different topics. The originality, quality, and speed of our work are a stroke of luck for those failing deadlines or inexperienced writers.

We are aware of students' life business and overwhelming. Therefore, every sample of an essay offered in our database may become the life jacket of someone searching for inspiration or guidelines. We give free access to harshly crafted writings to simplify the educational process and make room for the necessary staff or a good company.

Examples of Essays ― Database for any Taste

We know how exhausting an educational process is. Daily assignments, deadlines, and complex topics make learning a tedious and unpleasant routine. So, we provide professional essay examples available for any student.

We want to ensure that the use of our samples for essays is not useless passive learning. So, using our database, you get inspired, watch the structure of certain work types, enrich your vocabulary, and master your writing skills.

The use of our free essay samples is legal, and you do not break any laws. We carefully collected samples of plagiarism-free, professional works of different formats and types. Remember, you can select any sample for your research paper or as a guideline for coursework. But do not present it as your creation. It is cheating.

If you are not sure about the quality of your work, you need our assistance. If you ask, “Please, help me edit my paper,” we will do it without hesitation and postponing.

A team of experienced editors can make your essay perfect in three hours or even faster. Deliver your order to our experts to avoid low grades because of poor grammar or punctuation. Acceptable prices, confidentiality, and high quality are our editing standards.

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College students are overloaded with assignments. They cannot usually cope with tasks in time or find them rather demanding and challenging.

Our examples of essays can satisfy the pickiest student. Therefore, we offer free samples of analytical and informative articles.

However, you should be careful with our materials. You may use them only for research with a referential purpose. It is illegal to use them for academic credits.

Looking for a required topic in a free essays database, you may easily reach your goal as all the papers are categorized according to the subject. The type of essay, as well as the number of pages and words, is also indicated. Moreover, there is a list of sources that you can refer to or investigate for your own needs.

The ways of application to our college essay database can be the following:

  • source for research
  • tools for self-education
  • referential purpose
  • inspire for own essay
  • citation
  • a guide on structure and content for writing

Suppose you still have some doubts about approaching deadlines or personal abilities to create a masterpiece. Then, you may pay for a college essay and get a perfectly written paper on the due date and at a reasonable price.


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It is high time to enjoy our services when looking for academic examples of essays. High standards of essay examples from our database correspond to academic writing requirements. Therefore, you may use them as an academic writing guide or refer to them in your research.

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We use only credible sources to create trustworthy texts. Moreover, thousands of academic essay samples are free to read and use. No registration is required to review examples. Use the search window for quick finding; just type a keyword or topic.

Our team consists of proficient writers. We employed only 20% of the applicants after a rigorous selection process. Interviews, tests, proficiency exams, and other checks helped us create a top author team in more than 50 subjects.

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Most students choose our essay writing service for different reasons. As a rule, students contact us when they do not have enough time and wish to shift their work to us. Grades are also crucial for scholarships or GPA. Sometimes students can be stuck on a topic. In these cases, we come in handy.

In addition to free essay examples, we offer editing services and custom writing.

You get a qualified check, original work, and security by choosing our editing assistance. No one will get to know about your online consultation because we protect confidential data. A reasonable price will make you return for further cooperation.

You may find your perfect essay writer on any subject. If you like how the writers express your thoughts, you may become their regular customer. Moreover, there is a function of ordering the same paper from different authors to compare and choose the best, share with a friend, or use as one more example of an essay in the future.

After finishing your paper, we can deliver it in any suitable way. You just need to download it. With an order, you may ask for materials used in your essay as a screenshot or PDF file. If you are not satisfied with our service, got a low grade, or didn't get a submission from a tutor, we will return your money.

We provide constant support for our clients. Moreover, when your paper is in process, you can communicate with the authors to make amendments or get to know about the progress. It is anonymous so that nobody will reveal your secret about help with essays online.

We are reachable 24/7. Contact us by clicking a blue button on the right-hand top corner and filling in the ordering form with details. You may also use the online support chat or find our contacts at the bottom of our website.

Our samples of essays and expert services offer education opportunities without fuss and anxiety. Therefore, do not delay; make an order, get a discount, and enjoy your wonderful life.