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What inspired Arthur Miller to write The Crucible

The award-winning author of The Crucible, best known for his play, “Death of a Salesman,” craftily puts a 1950s political allegory in a play with hysteria…

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Character analysis of John Proctor in The Crucible

The Crucible is a play by American author and playwright Arthur Miller in 1953. The play was influenced by the Salem Witch hunts in 1962, which…

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The Crucible: difference between movie and play

IntroductionThe events of the Salem Witch Trials, which took place in 1692, were the focus of the film The Crucible, released in 1996. The film was…

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McCarthyism in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a dramatized and fictionalized story that explores inconsistencies in religions and social norms. Miller efficiently illustrates how blindly following religion can…

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The Crucible literary analysis

IntroductionThe book The Crucible is the work of Arthur Miller, a celebrated playwright, which reflects on the mass cultural and political hysteria facing the town of…

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The Crucible Essay Examples: Demonstration of Challenges Overcoming

Written by American playwriter Arthur Miller in 1953, The Crucible is an allegory for the political persecution of communists by the American government. The main characters of the play face challenging situations that make the main hero change his view on life. During the play, we observe how the conditions change John Proctor, a puritan and a local Salem village farmer. Being immoral at the beginning and believing in the devil rather than in God, life makes amendments to make people understand that nobody is perfect and makes mistakes.

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