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What are alternatives to animal testing? ๐Ÿ”ฅ trending

The advancement of medical research has led to the increased use of animal models for experiments. Each year millions of animals are exposed to different experiments…

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Why animal testing should be banned ๐Ÿ”ฅ trending

IntroductionPeople who oppose using animals in experiments and those who support it differ greatly. The latter group, primarily scientists, tendsย to write off the first as demonstrative…

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Pros and Cons of Animal Testing

IntroductionAnnually, millions of animals are utilized for scientific and commercial testing purposes. Animals are used in the development of medical interventions, assessing the toxicity level of…

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Why animal testing is unethical

Animal testing or experimentation attracts controversy because animal rights advocates argue that the practice amounts to cruel acts perpetrated against animals. The U.S. alone subjects at…

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Animal experimentation only in medicine field

The reason as to why scientific and pharmaceutical experiments are undertaken using animals is to find cures for varied maladies other than experimenting with humans, which…

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Blackfish documentary about SeaWorld

The Blackfish was a documentary on the plight of whales which are put in captivity for public display. The documentary placed the activities of SeaWorld on…

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The ethics of animal experimentation

Research about animals has created so many questions, and pressing issues that have been released from every corner of the world. This struggle delves much on…

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Somewhat controversial thoughts arise in our minds when we hear about cases of violence toward helpless animals. We all were children and asked our parents about pets to care about and treat them with love. So, why do we face this problem when those amicable children grow and become cruel creations? Teachers offer to consider this question in essays on animal cruelty that they assign in secondary school, high school, or college, hoping that it is not late to awaken their consciousness. Such excellent samples are presented in our database, which covers the most urgent issues of the animal abuse problem.

What Are the Key Points to Cover in Cruelty to Animals Essay?

We should clearly understand that writing an essay about cruelty to animals is about violence and other issues that negatively impact animals’ rights and make them suffer. For instance, this problem is valid for zoos, circus animals, or those bred for human welfare, like for farming aims or obtaining valuable fur. Some unscrupulous cosmetic companies test their products on animals. Fortunately, more and more countries have banned such a practice.

If your teacher assigned you an essay on animal cruelty, you must do thorough statistical research concerning areas and countries that still do not consider animals suffering from inadequate detention, feeding, and treatment conditions. In such a way, tutors try to improve our world and decrease the cruelty targeted at our fur brothers.

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