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What 9/11 Attack Means to Me

In 2001, two American aircraft were hijacked by Al-Qaeda and slammed into the Twin Towers. As a result, about one thousand individuals were killed, and hundreds…

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Technology in Homeland Security

IntroductionUntil today, the horrific events that shook the United States on the September 11th 2001 remain in the memories of many, more so in the discussions…

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Is it right to stretch the ethical limits in Domestic…

The post 9/11 era changed the security measures as the government, through the Constitution, introduced measures to monitor as well as watch or listen to communications…

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Smart Tactics for Writing a Perfect Essay on 9 11 Attack

Your essay on 9/11 attack should inform the readers about terror attacks targeting the World Trade Center and the United States Capitol on September 11, 2001. The paper tells of how Al Qaeda terrorists rammed an American Airlines flight into the Twin Towers, killing the flight attendant and other passengers.

It also explores the alleged role of Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi Arabia national and the head of Al Qaeda, in the World Trade Center attack. The essay may also expose the accusations of US law enforcement and air traffic control for not detecting or preventing the attack. When writing about this attack, be objective but remain open to different views regarding the 9/11 attacks, as this event has many interpretations and conspiracies around it.

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