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Social Contract in the Declaration of Independence

The Social Contract Theory remains one of the predominant ideologies associated with the Declaration of the American Independence. This theory presupposes that personal morals and political…

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The American Revolution Informative Essay

How British Colonists EvolvedIn the 18th century, Britain had established various colonies in most parts of North America. American colonists regarded themselves as citizens of Britain…

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Subject: Political
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James Madison’s Contribution

IntroductionThe name James Madison is often connected to founding father, statesman, president, and father of the Constitution. James played a pivotal role in the birth of…

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The US Presidential Inaugural Ceremony

Description of the EventThe US presidential inauguration is a crucial event in America’s history for it involves the swearing-in of the vice president and the president-elect….

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The American Revolution analytical essay

The period between 1763 and 1783 is considered a pivotal period of the United States history as Americans were able to liberate themselves from colonization by…

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Declaration of Independence and Declaration of Sentiments

The Declaration of Independence (1776) and The Declaration of Sentiments (1848) are two very iconic documents in America. Both documents describe the need for change in…

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The U.S Constitution, the Thomas Jefferson’s Letter and the Declaration…

IntroductionThe U.S Constitution, which was written in 1787, contains all the rules and the regulations used by both the government and the citizens and it is…

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The Revolutionary War and its aftermath

Question 1The passing of the series of coercive acts by the British parliament in 1774 caused the Americans to react through boycotts and the colonies united…

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Constitutional convection and ratification

IntroductionThe origin of the book “A Brilliant Solution” is based on two the two national crisis the first being the challenges in the Whitehouse peaceful transition…

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Important Issues of Declaration of Independence Essay Writing

The most important document in American history is the Declaration of Independence. The Second Continental Congress adopted the paper on the 4th of July, 1776. It was signed during the American revolution when 13 colonies regarded themselves as independent and separated from Britain. The committee of writers headed by Thomas Jefferson aimed to consolidate separation and emphasize the significance of law and justice. According to fundamental principles, all people are equal and protected by the government.

When writing an essay on the Declaration of Independence, students must study all the sensitive issues that encouraged people to struggle for their liberty. Moreover, it is necessary to investigate the contribution of significant historical personalities. So, such tasks require deep knowledge of history, engagement of numerous resources, and selection of credible references.

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