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Advantages and Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriages refer to a cultural practice where the bride and groom are selected by individuals other than themselves (Raina et al., 2018). In most cases…

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Arranged marriage in India in contemporary times

IntroductionThe essay written by Serena Nanda entitled “Arranging Marriage in India” was published in The Naked Anthropologist in 1992 (Nanda). As such, 25 years had transpired…

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Contemporary parenting: Issues and concerns

Parenting in modern society is quite challenging. With the increasing rate of unemployment, families have either a working mother or father. Although there are families where…

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Child marriage in India

Did you know that 27 percent of all brides in India are married as children? According to the UNICEF, 18 percent of all girls in India…

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Are arranged marriages oppressive to women?

Ethos-basedSummaryThe article concerns the issue of consent on forced and arranged marriages. The article recognizes that though there are different levels of consent between forced and…

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Arranged marriage is not a typical social phenomenon in the United States of America. However, with many diasporas inhabiting the USA and the need to understand their social practices, students may receive an assignment for an argumentative essay about arranged marriage. If the topic is new and unclear to you, visit our database for studying academic materials on this subject.

How to Organize an Arranged Marriage Essay?

You may write an argumentative essay on arranged marriage to explain how marriage is treated in some social structures, such as communities in the Middle East. You may dwell deeper on this subject to identify how family members approach the arrangement of marriage for their children and what influence parents have on their children in such a society. It may also be wise to study how the education system and family values are structured in societies favoring the choice of life partner by arrangement and not by a life choice, and what divorce rates or family violence rates people living in an arranged marriage exhibit. In any case, you shouldn’t sound too biased in an arranged marriage persuasive essay, as this strange tradition for a Western community may be a justified norm for other societies.

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So, if the subject looks strange and unclear to you, you may start with our arranged marriage essay examples. They come with plenty of academic materials and interesting, proven facts about this social phenomenon, giving you a quick glimpse into the topic.

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