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Parenting Responsibilities: The Concept of ‘Extra Work’

Part 1Hochschild and Machung (2012) use the concept of ‘extra work’ to describe the household responsibilities of married career women. Although Milkie, Raley and Bianchi (2009)…

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Subject: Family
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Divorce & the Effects on Children

Among couples with children, the rates of divorce tend to be as much as forty percent higher than among those couples without children. The effects of…

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Family influence on children’s behavior at school

IntroductionMy interaction with the grade 3 kid called A made me understand various things about children behavior. When playing badminton I also saw twins who were…

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Parents should not divorce

More and more parents divorce because of their incompatibility and they adopt nontraditional family styles. According to CDC, nearly 3.2 out of every 1000 marriages end…

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Single parenting: the upside

IntroductionHuman families are conventionally expected to comprise of two parents and their children under normal set ups. For this reason alone, the phenomenon of single parenthood…

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Single Parenting Essay Insights to Inspire Your Writing

Single parenting is a family setup where one parent raises a child without a partner. When the step-parent is not around, family members can step in for some time and care for them. Today, it is common to find a single mother or single father across the United States of America. An individual ends up single for many reasons, possibly due to divorce, spouse’s death, or deliberate choice. Though the traditional family structure is still regarded as a father, a mother, and children, single-parent families are becoming mainstream today. That is why single parents face a diminishing stigma in society and get more support resources from the community and government.

Many schools incorporate teachings about family life, planned parenthood, and other topics to help young people avoid the burden of single parenting. You might get a single parenting argumentative essay that covers the impact of raising a child alone on the parent’s health. Living single and looking after a child full-time was also found to affect people’s mental health, so single parenting is both a social and a healthcare issue.

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