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Evaluation of Education

Graduated from 1960-1974The individual who studied from 1960-1974 did his higher education at Harvard College. He is my grandfather, and I interviewed him at home. The…

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Subject: Education
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Words: 882
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Adult Education and Community Empowerment in Turkey

The article titled Functional adult literacy and empowerment of women: Impact of a functional literacy program in Turkey discusses the impact of a Functional Adult Literacy…

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Subject: Education
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The Future of Online Education

Case OverviewThe case study predicts the future of higher education institutions given that the growth of the internet has given rise to online education. The growth…

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Subject: Education
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The impact of Long Distance Education

Long distance education is a recent trend that is being utilized by most students. It has been a way of connecting students that are in different…

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Subject: Business
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Should University Students be Taught Workplace Skills in their Undergraduate…

Workplace skills such as communication skills, time management, planning, team working, and problem-solving are not only essential in general performance and life but also in the…

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Subject: Education
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Student loan informative essay

IntroductionFor a significant number of students graduating from high school, it is nearly impossible to think about joining university without reflecting on student loans. These loans…

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Subject: Education
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Improving the graduation rate in college

Student retention is a big issue in the education system of various nations, especially in regard to college studies. Many universities have recorded that several graduate…

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What Can a Graduation Essay Be About?

What to write about in an essay about graduation? Actually, it may be about your senior year at school or experiences about your freshman year at college. Some students decide to structure the content around the topic of becoming independent and leaving the family home. Thus, as you understand, a graduation essay may deal with any graduation in your life, whether it’s school, college, or university – in any case, it will be a story of a transition from one life stage to another. For many young people, the graduate year is a period of a major life transition full of life-changing choices. Thus, it is common for students to start getting bad grades when they face the real world and are challenged by adult issues.

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