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Student retention is a big issue in the education system of various nations, especially in regard to college studies. Many universities have recorded that several graduate students leave their studies abruptly, for more than one reason. Moreover, the community colleges are not good enough to boast the completion rate, traditionally. Even Former President, Obama also deciphered concern in correspondence to the completion rate in various community colleges. There is a plethora of reasons which work up against the students thereby putting up a barrier between them and the college degree attainment. Arguably, a lack of motivation can be witnessed from the parents’ end of many students. A combined effort from the government, academicians, students, and parents can explicitly surge the rate of graduation in different nations.


A myriad of elements are present for boosting the college graduation numbers.  For example, an individual can definitely drive the process of increasing graduation rate, by either the virtue of his or her personality or status. Arguably, the process that is based on the data, which is detailed in nature, must be largely developed. Even the data should be monitored and measured from time-to-time (NPR, 2015). However, these procedures should be conducted for at least five or more years. Alternatively, the individuals must participate from various campuses so as to commit in regards to the success of students. On the other hand, the progress must be assessed at a regular interval.

Significance of the Issue

A college degree can help individuals to reach the zenith of success. Firstly, it is required for improving the salary structure and well-known employment. After all, employability is largely associated with the varying levels of education. Secondly, another relationship can be derived between the higher rate of graduation amongst the children and their parents’ educational status. Last but not the least, the college graduates experience an intellectual benefit thereby contributing in the civic and economic growth of a nation. Even though there are several reasons for graduating yet its rate is still very low. Most importantly, obtaining a graduation degree can also assist in gaining emotional support apart from the financial aid.

Recommendation to Solve the Identified Problem

It should be understood that implementing various changes in the education system is a slow process. On the other hand, a strategy that is applicable in the present may not work at all after 18 months. Therefore, the target should be long-haul in nature, in case of the institutional leadership. In fact, it is the fundamental aspect of implementing change in this field. As a result, it can be observed how many administrators have failed to identify this very issue and retarded the process of change, all together.

An automated system for contacting the students must be established for reaching them. Some of the social networking sites that can be used for taking care of this purpose are Facebook, Twitter, and others. It is crucial to inform the students that they are being strictly monitored, in respect to their progress. For example, sending a note of appreciation may help them to remain motivated. On the contrary, passing down negative and strict remarks can make the students to pull up their socks. If the GPA score falls under 2.0, then the administration must take special care of those students.

On the contrary, the academic advisors are important for developing a structure and fostering professionalism amongst the students. It can also enhance the accountability in them. Both the students and academic advisors should become more accountable to their actions.

A Freshman Interest Group establishment can serve the purpose of surging academic interests amongst the students. It will allow various small student-groups to discuss their favorite topics with the seniors. The students are likely to have similar interests. However, proper supervision may be required (Merchant, 2012). The high-achieving seniors may actually lead such groups as well as few seminars. It will ultimately inspire the new students to indulge in engaging and inspiring role-plays.

The dwelling place of the students can impact their grades to a large extent. According to several experts and researches, the students who mostly live inside the campus often obtain higher grades, in the initial years of their graduation when compared to their counterparts. Even the teaching programs that are conducted in the residential hall oftentimes increase the chance of enriching the students’ life.

The faculties should be continuously encouraged to take attendance. A student absent for more than two consecutive days must be followed up explicitly. In fact, the same is increasingly becoming easier due to the emergence of electronic systems.

Next step is research. The students should be made to involve in various feedback processes. For instance, a survey must be conducted to deduce the rate of students who will leave the university right before their completion of graduation (Schneider & Yin, 2012). Even noting their academic performance is also equally important. Apart from all these things, retention is not only an issue in relation to the low-performing students but also the same can be regarded to be a problem for the high-achieving pupils.

The academicians must remain willing to intervene in the entire process of retention. Oftentimes, the concerned people are late to interfere and implement strategies, for developing the graduation rate. The students who score below or around 2.0 are likely to drop out, in most of the scenarios. Thus, mandatory courses are important for strategizing and negating the attrition rate. However, these courses should concentrate on the time management, study habits, and taking of notes within the classrooms.

Lastly, the full academic support service range cannot be neglected at any cost. Thus, a great deal is achievable when the mentors collaboratively work with several groups of students including the student government. It is because the same has more number of resources in comparison to the academic department, in general.


From the above-discussion, it can be inferred that the mentors and professors can proximately work with the respective students for eradicating the attrition rate. There are many ways of increasing the students’ attendance in colleges. However, the pupils need motivation from both the professors and their parents. For example, the students staying within the boundaries of campus fetch better marks. Hence, it is possible that the continuous interaction with the mentors encourage them to study more. On the other hand, the pupils staying at their homes can indulge in other leisurely activities thereby scoring poorly. However, these are not the only reasons for decreased number of college drop-outs. For instance, falling GPA scores may indicate inadequate performance of the students. However, often the faculties do not intervene during that time period, when it is needed the most.

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